I need an A

I've been in college for 2 years and I have yet to get any grade lower than an A....until now. I'm earning a C in this class but I need to keep my straight A streak to keep my scholarship and attend an Ivy League school for Grade school. I'm desperate! I had a dream last night that I sucked off my professor and he came in my mouth. I'm thinking about asking to suck his d*** for an A the next time I see him. Why not?

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  • I was failing biology in college and decided to meet with my professor in her office after class for one last effort to pass. As I sat down and talked to her, I offered my humbleness and told her that I was failing and if there was anything that I could do. She offered me some extra credit research projects, but I wasn't interested in any of the topics and she was getting more aggrevated by the minute. I noticed that she was dangling her heel showing me her beautiful mature feet. I don't know what came over me, but I told her "How would you feel if I kissed your feet?" She looked at me and said "What?' I thought I was dead now, when she suddenly said " I'm married and my husband would not approve of that", "plus my husband says they smell" I told her I was sorry, I didn't know if anyone ever told her, but she had beautiful feet.
    After a few seconds, she slipped off her heel and said "Well I guess it wouldnt hurt for you to kiss my feet just for a minute".
    As she put her foot near my nose, the pungent odor of foot sweat, perfume and shoe leather hit me like a train. Her husband was right, her feet smelled so bad, but I continued licking her toes in a frenzy. I must have kissed and sucked her toes for 5 minutes when she pulled her foot back and said that she had to get home. She told me to forget what just happened, gathered her things, and told me "you may want to consider the research projects" I did two research projects and submitted them. I ended up passing the class, but it wasn't an A.

  • If you were my student, you should come to me and ask if there was anything that you could do for "extra credit", and take it from there...

  • I agree,and you've swallow c** so get something for a change.

  • Suck him off but...swallow for sure

  • Sometimes you have to do what it takes to pass. You should have him wear a condom just in case, cause some STDs are for life.

  • Its Grad school, not Grade school; unless you're doing them in reverse order.

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