The way I am...

I'm a social butterfly.
I love to be in big crowds, around lots of people and hanging out with many friends.
I hate this as well.
I love loving but I hate being loved.
The minute something starts to go good in my life I self sabotage it.
I run away as soon as I get the chance.
I'm afraid to grow up.
I tell people what they want to hear and manipulate them.
I'm a people pleaser.
Anything to make the other person happy.
Sometimes I do it knowingly, other times, not at all.
My friends are the furthest thing from "friends".
They're the people I see everyday and hang out with but they know nothing about me.
I hide behind a mask, only very few people have been able to see the real me.
I don't know who I am.
I just know the way I am.

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  • I know how you are and I know how you feel. I'm like you and the one person of my group of friends that I thought I could trust back stabbed me. I started cutting my wrists to let out my emotional stress and now everybody is yelling at me saying it's bad. And I don't want your sympathy but I want you to know wherever you are and whoever you are I'm here for you I know how you're feeling and I will always be here for you to trust and I will be one of your real friends that you can trust. :,)

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