I didn't do jack s***, but that's what you make me feel like.

I've run away from you
But I always come back because I feel like it'll be different
But I'm always wrong,
It never gets any better.

I don't know if I hate you, but my love that I can only have for a father is not the same anymore, and I doubt it will be.

But I do hate the way you mak me feel. Every day.

You make me want to curl up and die, or just disappear.

I can't tell anyone this, because I know that if I do you'll be mad at me. And I can't really tell any of my friends the whole story, because they'll put me back in therapy. So I just have to suffer silently because of what you've doneandwhat you can do.

I hope you're happy, because I'm sure not.

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  • I know somewhat of how you feel because I Hate and Love my dad. He may have abandone me and well he has brought a divorce which is done and made my childhood a living h***. But I love him because he is my dad and brought me into the world but its hard to forgive. But here in the Ten Commandments it says love you parents, so ok. Look be happy that your father made you and no one knows your experience. I wrote in my CCD book and gave it to my friends to read and it feels nice to tell people. Look it maybe hard to tell others because of what happened but if your dad is a monster call 911. Don't hate your dad too much but at least be forgiving, don't carry a burden on yourself like I did but tell someone go through life and live happy.

  • It sounds like your dad has hurt you. If he has physically abused u, u need to tell somebody so u can get help. U do NOT have to live with an abuser. Please tell somebody. This can stop, and you can start to heal and live a healthy life :)

  • Stay positive. People can change, but if they don't, then you should take the initiative to change your life for the better.


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