I humiliated my roommate

One of my former roommates was always going out drinking and coming home drunk, being very disruptive and making it very hard to sleep. I had a very busy class schedule at the time and this was beginning to impact on my grades. Frequently, she'd become so drunk that she'd pass out and need me and the other girl in the house to take care of her.

When the other girl got put on an extended work experience placement in another city, it was just me for a while. The drunk girl would never have any memory of her behavior and just assumed that she was having a good time. One night, she came back in and kept drinking for a bit. I went downstairs to turn the volume down on the stereo (again!) and found her passed out on the couch.

I was sick of her at the stage so I thought that I'd teach her a lesson. I stripped her naked and threw all her clothes into her room and then locked her door. I then kept her keys with the intention of just throwing them away later.

Then I got some superglue and put it on her right hand and pushed that into her hair so that she was left with her right hand stuck to the top of her head. I then glued both her feet together by putting glue on the bottom of them. I just spilled the rest of the glue around the couch and table so she'd just think she had an accident while drunkenly playing with it.

Then I left her and spent the entire day out of the house.

Apparently she freaked out when she woke up. She had no idea what had happened and obviously couldn't move properly. She tried to get into her room (it was a big struggle to even try) but couldn't get in and so couldn't get her cell phone. She had to use the house phone to contact the property management, who had to send someone over. She wasn't able to get dressed first so they saw her completely naked and exposed. They were able to open her room for her but they had to take her to the emergency room to deal with the glue. They got some clothes for her, but they weren't able to dress her properly as her arms and legs were otherwise occupied. They managed to cover her but it was completely obvious that she was glued together and that she was probably naked under there.

She was completely humiliated and personally, I thought that it was brilliant. Especially as she just blames herself and hasn't gone out to drink since. The best part is how far the story spread though.

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  • I think you are probably very jealous of your roommate. She's probably gorgeous and has a lot of friends and boyfriends. No one ever said you had to take care of someone who's drunk. By taking care of her you just reinforced her version that she was simply partying and sleeping it off. If she never knew how her behavior effected others how could she change it. Your said it yourself, she hasn't gone out to drink since and that is because she saw the ramifications of getting too drunk. You could have left her to figure that out for herself instead of becoming a low life criminal. People don't have to act the way you want them to. If someone doesn't change then leave. Stop expecting the world to be at your beck and call. Grow up.

  • U sound like a bully and a douche u know that

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