I m ashamed...

I love my boyfriend and we are togather since high school.we are in long distance relationship since 4 years.there is a friend of mine with whom i was very friendly and share many things.on one night he told that he loves me and want to be with me.i said i have boyfriend and i love him.he become very emotional and i felt bad for him.that night i dont know how we end up with having phone s**.i was feeling so guilty,i told my friend that whatever happen that night,forget it..but in reverse he started sort of blackmailing me.whenever he got drunk,he will repeat those things and threatens me that he will told my bf about it..i tried not to keep contacts with him,i changed my no.many time but he still manages to contact me somehow..though it is not very often that he calls,once in 6-7 months.when i told him i dont want to keep contacts with him,he said ''why?because we had good s** in phone?''i dont know what to do,should i told my bf about it and let the mater to him..or should i keep quiet..please help.

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  • Tell your boyfriend the truth, that a friend of yours got drunk and emotionally blackmailed you into phone s**, and now blackmails you with that. You would never touch another man, or even emotionally cheat. He used the friendship to take advantage of you. The next time he calls, tell him to go ahead and tell your boyfriend because he already knows. The guilt will be off your chest and the relationship will recover if he truly loves you, because it didnt go way too far. If he leaves over this, he didn't love you anyway. It's the same as if he watched a p****.

  • :) Tell him you really like him, but at the moment, your in a relationship and that you just can't betray your bf. Say you love them both equally, just in really different ways. You think of him as a brother, and maybe sometime in the future, you WILL go out, just not now.
    I really hope I helped, I know what it's like in situations like that. :)

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