Got Even With My Wife For Leaving Me

My wife left me because she said I was lazy and never tried to better myself. She has a bigshot job and said I was an embarrassment to her when her friends with professional jobs visited her. I work as a short order cook in a small restaurant. I do not make a lot of money and I like what I do.

My wife didn't like me partying with my friends on the weekends and coming home a little drunk. I invited her to come with me but she doesn't like my blue collar friends I grew up with and the bars we drink in. She likes the s***** people who drink fancy wines and talk about crap like art. She said the only thing we had in common was wild s**. I said that's a problem? She said it wasn't enough.

She left me three weeks ago and wouldn't come back to me when I got on my knees and begged her to come home. I went nuts after that and had to get even with her to keep the men in the white coats from taking me to the funny farm. So today after a few beers I mailed pictures of my wife naked to the people she works with and to all her s***** friends. I felt better after I did that. I'm over that b****.

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  • She deserved it for thinking she is better than you. You loved and respected her and she looked down on you. If you would leave a spouse because they don't make enough money- that makes you a w****. She'll end up selling herself to a guy with more money than you, but all that means is she is a more expensive w****. You can't buy true class or get it from an expensive wine bottle.

  • I'm a little confused. If you hated her job, hated her friends and hated the fact she said she was embarrassed by you then why did you get on your hands and knees and beg her to return to you? You didn't love her, you wanted to control her and when you started losing that control by realizing you couldn't compete with the people she worked and socialized with you tried to control her by humiliating her. The problem is, most people will see your stupid antic for what it is, and that is a scorned man who married someone much better than he is or ever will be. You will be known and defined by this one stupid act and THAT is probably what she was embarrassed about: your low self esteem and bad attitude.

  • I agree with this.

    You'll be seen as someone with low self esteem, desperate, controlling, revengeful, bad attititude....
    Who wants to be with someone like that anyway?
    She's better off without you.

  • You are much better than that w****! I would have burned her f****** car out.


  • Well, she was right about you being out of her class.

  • You're just hurt. You'll get over her. And maybe it's for the best. You two were obviously in two different places professionally, intellectually, and socially and both unwilling to find some common ground to connect on, other then s**. Now, she can find someone on her can find someone on your level. You're not really over it, but you will get there someday.

  • you are only going to let others see how sexy she is, and then in turn everyone will end up wanting her, you failed.

  • You are a b****** and you're going to h***!

  • You did the right thing. She deserved it.

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