BF and his chum painted my body

My boyfriend was sharing a room with his childhood chum and they were studying art together. It was a single large room that was their living, stdio, study and bedroom with a little kitchen and bath attached. I was hobnobbing with the two and there were some body painted girls on TV and the two wannabe artists were discussing the kind of paint best suited for body art and I teased them saying they should try painting each other and it backfired with them wanting to paint me. I first refused but soon agreed cause I thought it would be fun. So they were to paint me on saturday and though I thought it would be fun, the whole week I had this eerie feeling with the thought of standing in my undies with 2 guys painting me. I had no problem with my bf who had seen ma naked but the other guy used to talk to me like I was his kid sister.
I stayed over in their room on friday night and could see that the two had done a lot of paint shopping and in a subtle way the the two were pitching to paint me nude and I waas like no way I an going to be naked with 2 guys. The guys were talking all blah blah sweet talk like a boy wanting to get into a girls pants for the first time and I agreed maybe because of the wine but actually I fantasized of it during the week.

Anyway the next day my bf made me naked and for a few minutes, I just hugged him to hide myself from the other guy. I was to be painted in some fancy forest theme and they started painting me with a base color and they got the base all over me including my butt crack and even sweet talked me to lift my leg to paint the fold in my p**** and my bf stretched the skin and his chum painter the p****. Then the painted the details and when they had finished I really like my looks and in a q**** way I felt great to be pampered by 2 guys and was really turned on and spent the day naked with the guys. Later, I was lying next to my bf's we did a bit of pecking, he pulled me over himself and I kissed his lips and was running my tongue around his lips and hed wispered that his chum was watching and I was like what the heck the guy had seen every crevice in me and soon he started fingering me and I got my hands inside his shorts till he blew his load. Then later we again hooked up and this time I got my boy out of his shorts and his friend made some comment and we laughed and later I got laid while the other guy was still in the room. I did not let my man wear anything for the rest of the night because I was also naked in just the paint. It was kinky to have s** with the other friend is watching. Later we had s** with the other guy in the room when I stayed over on other occasions but this was the most fun maybe bcause it was the first.

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  • It really is fun..I did a body painting thing with my hot older sister (we mess around anyway), and found it so arousing to paint her entire, naked body, while she remained still unless I told her how to move. First time was just us, however, the next, and, I might add, unintended for anyone else, involved her next door neighbor's studly-looking 18 year old son. He happened to stop in, as he often did, as I had her topless and starting to paint her body. She invited him in, and we both worked on, and had at, her. Painted her naked body in her kitchen as she smiled and laughed.

  • Even if this were bullshit, like one commenter wrote, it's still hot, and erotic stuff like this happens.

  • Teaching an engineer chemistry is like teaching a lawyer, biology. Its frustrating to see our education system doesn't focus on who we want to be or who we are meant to be. Rather it focuses on what is benificial for us, either monetarily or socially(Meaning what tradition is).
    Did anyone wonder why we are not getting einstein or newton being made in our society? Its because we are focussing on waaay too many subjects to let someone focus on their "subject" of choice(And I didn't say career)

  • bullshit.

  • Kiss my t***!

  • Yum! Would love to do this with my boyfriend and his best friend, Joel. The only stipulation I would have is that they would both have to be nude too.

  • I wish I had friends like this. It would be a lifelong memory to see two beautiful people making love. And to help a guy paint his nude girlfriend, heavenly.

  • Hot!

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