Fantasy Fest

My petite private wife is a home exhibitionist. This is to say that she rarely wears anything around the house and minimal clothing in the back yard.
My wife stands 5’1’’ about 105lbs with long blonde hair, green eyes and a very fit 36d-23-30 body. Great nipples by the way.
I playfully accused her of being an exhibitionist one day. She told me she hates wearing clothes and admitted to my surprise that she would go out naked if she could. I challenged her. I said “so if you could be naked outside and not get in trouble for it you would, do it?” she hesitated and said “I would try it!” “Really? And you don’t care if anyone sees you?” I pursued. “That might be exciting.” She confessed.
A few days later I announced that we were spending a long weekend in Key West. I know that Fantasy Fest would be on full swing. The Friday we arrived I told her we were going to the fest and explained that people walk around either naked or in body paint and she would get painted.
We found the activities in full swing and she was stunned by the nudity. I took her hand and walked her into a store front where a guy was painting bodies. After a brief shop for what we wanted painted on her she moved to stand before the artist.
There were people walking in and out of the store front so there was no privacy. She looked at me as if to sat “now what?” “Take off your clothes!” I ordered. As she began to undress, I looked around to see about a half dozen people watching including a 7-year-old boy with his 30 something year old dad. The kid looked on in amazement as my wife stripped naked.
She stood naked for the artist as he painted a vine with green leaves that worked its way up from the top of her ass crack, up her back and over her left shoulder then down across her left breast and across to her right breast turning down her tummy terminating on her pubic mound. The artist did manage to leave both nipples and her p**** exposed. With the exception of the paint all she wore now was sandals.
When he finished, I took her by the hand and walked her naked down the street through crowds of people. I kept reminding her that she was completely naked in the street and hundreds of people were seeing her naked. She was very turned on by it. Her naked walk-in public ended when some guy thought it OK to feel her t***.
We headed back to the hotel where she showered. When I asked how being naked in public was, she reminded me that she “really wasn’t naked she had paint covering her.” I walked to the phone and ordered a pizza. 45 minutes later there was a knock on the door. I handed my naked wife my credit card and said “pay him.” She opened the door this time she wasn’t even wearing sandals. She took the pizza and handed my card to him. He admired her nakedness while he very slowly processed the credit card. She stood there naked waiting for him to finish. “turn around so he can see you ass!” I ordered. She did as he commented and critiqued her body. She was very proud that she was exposed to a complete stranger.

May 2

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  • I do this for my husband when he asks me to. If he tells me to wear a mini skirt and no underwear I have to obey his command. Like yesterday morning he ordered me to go to work (I work in a shop) wearing a really short floaty summer dress and no underwear. He also tells me how many times I have to let male customers see up my dress - yesterday morning he said 20 times (not his worst as once he said 50 times!) and it was hard but I did get it. But I really love it when he does that to me as I love being controlled and I get so h**** during the day when I’m not wearing any underwear. And we have amazing s** when I get home!! Kate

  • I have to force my wife. You are lucky. No tears. So exhausting. She just needs to obey. At times she says she'll get used to my requirements

  • Its all in the approach

  • Next time tell her to offer the pizza delivery guy a tip and you can watch your wife being f***** in front of you. My wife and I got many free pizzas both before and after we got married. She loved being f***** by other men and I loved watching her come while they f***** her and f****** her after they left.

  • I prefer the look on guys faces when they aren't expecting to see a naked woman. i had her strip and spread her legs wide in the passenger seat of my truck with her legs toward the door. then i asked a guy for directions and he waked to the truck. the look on his face when he saw her was priceless.

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