My older (male) master!!

I'm new to this, but I have a secret that I been wanting to let out of my chest. I hope I don't get bad comments on this, but I also know that it could happen. But I was young and wanted to experiment, so here it goes...
It started when I was about 13 and my uncle would touch me here and there at that time I didn't thought much of it. One day he grab me and push me to his room he was touching me everywhere and pull my pants down this continue for a while until I moved out of state. When I grew up I always thought about those days didn't know what to make out of it. I got married and continued to think about being with another man. My wife moved back to her mom for a while. I got supper curious and I started to look at chat blogs in line. But I was not interested in someone my age I wanted an older man, one day I met this guy he was at that time 56 and I was 23. He knew all about hooking up with young guys. We talked before we met for about 2 months. One day I told him that I would love a massage since my body hurt. He volunteer to give me one. So I finally decided to meet him. He got a room in a ramada inn. We finally met and he was nothing to look at! He was a little short stocky guy. He asked me I was ready and I say that I was. He told me to go take a warm shower and to come out with a towel which I did. He started to touch me and massage my neck, back butt, legs and my feet it felt so good. He knew what he was doing, he laid on top of me naked and I felt him I don't know why but I pushed my butt up and that was his sign that he got me. Mind you that I told him that nothing was going to happen only a massage, but when I invited him in when I lifted my butt he took over. He put a condom on and he flip me over. He put my legs on his shoulders all this time I was saying no.but he will tell me turn and I did. He told me put a pillow under my back and I did he told me to grab his ****and put the tip on my butt and it all this time saying no..ha but it was sooo good!
And of course I wanted to try it again. We met again, and we did it, but this time he licked my butt and once again he had me. This time he put on a dried condom and OMG!! It was so paint full.. I was screaming so hard that someone call security, since it was a nice hotel. They knock on the door and he answer I was so nervous and he came to the room and said they want to talk to you! I was like me!? Why? So I put on a towel and walk to the door I was soooo embarrass it was a security guy with a cop!! I was like oh s***! The cop asked me if I was ok, I said yes sir. He asked any particular reason you were screaming.. I was like what do I say? I don't want to lied to a cop, and the cop just wanted to make sure he was not beating me or abusing me. So I was like no sir. So he asked why were you screaming I was like well is only my second time!!! Dumb me. I'm guessing he just want me to say I was ok. And leave. When they left he continued to **** me but this time he made me bite the pillow I was in soooo much pain but it made me feel good that he liked it. We continue to hook up and it was great he was amazing and my job was to please him. It was great when we went to his house(he was widowed) because he had a jacuzzi and always make sure I enjoy my massage and then he would do what he please with me. I was so into him but it was clear that it was just f******. We had plans to do a 3some and he wanted to take me to a gay club to show me off, but I moved before all this happen.

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