I'm Crazy

I've been in an relationship for over a year now. I love him, have been faithful, have done everything in rational confines to make sure we're happy. However, it seems the opposite for him. He's controlling; always has something to say about my choice in clothing, my group of friends, and even has gone as far as telling me he didn't want me working at a particular job because I might get "hit on". Well, to the point... I have heard constantly that he's cheating.... even found evidence myself. It never hinted at anything sexual, but always inappropriate on his part. Tonight he busted through my bathroom door, and broke the biggest hole that I've ever seen in it, just because I confronted him about something that had came it. He claims all of the allegations are because people don't want to see us together, but I doubt it. However, being a science buff, i can't allow myself to leave him without direct, doubtless evidence. Am i crazy?

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  • You need leave him,before his behaviour escalates,into physical violence towards you!! I've witnessed directly and studied this particular behavioural pattern! I've seen these signs before and don't want you,
    to experience the results.He's already verbally abusing you,by being controlling and telling you,"what to do" and "not what,to do" leave him now,or remain and suffer!!

  • Speaking as a guy that has never cheated but had delt with other addictions, when guys feel guilty about something we will try to find faults in you so we can get angry at you because if we are mad at you then it makes us feel better about our own guilt.

    IE, instead of telling ourselves we cheated on you because we don't have self control or have some other issues, it is easier to say "she's such an untrusting b**** she drives me away from her, it's not my fault!"

    Of course that's not true, he is responsible for his own actions. I dont know what exactly he is doing, but his actions as you describe them would be a huge red flag to me. With that much smoke I would expect to find a fire somewhere. Even If it turns out he is not cheating, it is still not right for him to treat you this way. It take both people to make this work, no matter how nice you are and how much you help him it won't be enough if he can't step up also. Deal with this now, it will only be harder and more painful later

  • You are not crazy, just in love. But love does not conquer all! He is trying to make a fool out of you. If people are saying it, you've actually found some type of evidence and he's constantly accusing and trying to control you... That should be enough to go! Married or dating no one should treat you that way. You deserve better. The fact that you posted this shows you have doubts and you should go with your gut...

  • You should cheat too.

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