I'm obsessed with a college professor

I won't be able to start studying before I get this out of my system.

For some reason I'm obsessing over a college professor. I sent him an email a few months ago asking for a PDF copy of a phisics book he wrote and he sent it to me, then he added me on MSN and I didn't accept him because I didn't think it was apropiate. Now, months later, for some reason I won't stop thinking about him!! I added him on facebook but he didn't accept my friend request. I can't stop looking at his pictures and thinking about him!! The thing is, he's 52 and he's not hot or anything, but I just can't stop thinking about him, I just wanna see him and talk to him :(

ON TOP OF THAT, I have to study phisics now... from the book HE wrote...

Why is this happening?!?!?

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  • whoz n what stopping u??
    Go ahead n talk to him.but not ended up on bed if u r obsessed wid him.derz lot of young guyz around to be messed up with.

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