I don't know what to do...

My current boyfriend and I were friends for nearly two years before we got together and I am thrilled to be his girlfriend. But...there's something going on that I think is kinda' off. I can't ask my mother or sisters and I'd rather die than bring this up with any of my male relatives.
I am a 16 year old girl. I have been home-schooled my whole life and am not the best in social situations. I've only dated two people...so I have no clear idea of what a relationship requires 'intimately'. My guy (let's say his name is Max) was always pretty perverted with his sense of humor and what not, but now he's just over the top. I can't sit next to him without him trying to cop a feel and I can't walk by without him smacking my ass. He is especially aggressive when his friend Josh is around...which is the real problem here.
Max and I have been steadily dating for nearly a year now and we've been having s** for most of it. I try very hard to be a good girlfriend and do all of the things he asks me to do. I give him b******* at least once a week and I've even let him try a***, though it hurt like a b**** and I cried. I think that I am open and supportive enough in our s** lives, but he's still not satisfied. When I asked him what I could do to resolve this, he says he wants to involve his friend Josh!!! He wants Josh to watch he and I together. Then he wants to watch me doing things with his friend!
What the F*** man?!?!?
He's usually very jealous, even going so far as to start a fight with my study-buddy (Who happens to be gay. I told him that and he still punched the poor guy for supposedly wanting to f*** me.) I just don't understand! I love my Max very much and I really want to be with him...should I just....do it? I let him do whatever else. I don't even know what Josh thinks about any of this. Being with someone else, even with my man watching (weird thing to think about), seems unfaithful to me and I pride myself on loyalty.
What should I do?!?!
-- Confused Individual


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  • You're boyfriend sounds like a piece of s*** of a human being. I would NEVER treat my woman the way he treats you. Sure ass smacking and coping a feel is nice and can be complimentary and exciting, but only when the mood calls for it and when you are ALONE together. He doesn't sound like a mature adult and only sounds like he is treating you as a piece of meat. He even punched your friend who is gay? What a p****. Dump his sorry ass now before he ends up doing something even more retarded than he already has. He does sound like he has some mental problems.

  • He does have mental problems. I ended it and now he's virtually stalking me. I can't go anywhere by myself and I am almost never at home alone anymore. Max is crazy and, while I've decided not to beat myself up over dealing with him all that time, I am certainly glad it's over.

  • This guy must have some serious issues, as a psychology major I'd say leave him before something bad happens to you or your gay friend. The fact that he's so over-protective is the really scary part. If your gay friend is openly gay then this shows a lot of potentially violent and/or abusive traits.
    This Josh character might actually be someone who you should look out for in a good way and bad way. If Max becomes more violent (as in fists and kicks) then this he's either trying to put Josh in his place, that or please him.
    Don't let Josh watch your private sessions. If Max continues insisting, end the relationship.

  • I did end it. It did not go well. Max is out of his mind. I had to get my parents, more specifically: my father, involved. It was utterly humiliating...I don't even know the words to describe the embarrassment I feel about this situation. He doesn't live far from me and he's become so out of control that I can't leave my house be myself. He's insane.

  • I Know How You Fill I Do That Same With My Bf But Im A Year Younger Dont Do What He Says Make Him Gain His Respect I Make Mine & Ive Been With Him For 2 Years If You Ever Need Any Advice Text Me I Promise Im A Girl Just Tell Me If You Want My Number Or Not I Will Help You Get Throught This

  • That...might be nice. I'm not sure though. I-I think maybe we should just comment advice. I'm the confessor here...btw.

  • I'd never double team a girl I card about

  • ...in life you really should only be with people who make you feel good about yourself ...does this guy make you feel good about yourself? ...if not ditch him, as for the kinky stuff, you have the rest of your life to try it ...just not yet, try getting to know yourself first, if not people will always use you ...have fun, your young

  • He doesn't really make me feel good about myself. I suppose that I have my answer. Thank you so much.

  • Why are you with him, you deserve better then that. Break up with him and find someone else. I know you will.

  • I'm with him because I really care about him...or at least I'm pretty sure I do. Huh. I guess that's my answer right there.

  • Thank you.

  • Do it, it'll feel good and also you should record it XD

  • Yeah...that's not happening.....but thanks anyway... o.O?

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