I Guess I Deserve It

I'm shallow as f***. I don't respect my boyfriend's intellect, most of the time I think he's an idiot actually and fairly useless, but I stay with him out of (a) Comfort, (b) Security, (c) Because he's good-looking and I'm still super-attracted to him, and (d) He does me favours when I ask him to (sometimes I have to nag) and I know I can depend on him. He's faithful and he's too lazy to break up with me. And at least he's funny. I mean, idiots can be funny too, if you can tolerate low-brow humor.

I guess with all that said, I deserve that he's also too lazy to f*** (or perhaps just tired of f****** the same person all the time) and doesn't have the best hygiene. All he does is sit around and play video games. What good is this good-looking boyfriend if he'd rather stay in and play video games than come out with you for you to show him off and he doesn't f*** you on the regular? On top of that, I am constantly having to clean up after his lazy and messy ass.

I'm a decent-looking chick with a high libido and all I can think about these days is getting f*****. I can't even leave my house without seeing some guy who I wish would ride me like I'm Black Beauty and he's an equestrian. I've cheated on him before (with a guy who has a great body and a huge s****** but an ugly face, so therefore I only want s** from him no emotional attachment) and as long as he refuses to put out, I will likely continue to do so. I guess I deserve this mediocre relationship, since I date for looks instead of character. But at least I'm not dating a man for his money, right?

Jun 10, 2012

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  • Maybe he doesn’t f*** You because he knows he really don’t like him. He probably knows the nasty s*** you’re up to and don’t want to f*** you and have sloppy seconds. If you treat him like s*** expect it in return

  • So you are using him and you are BOTH too lazy to move on... You have made your bed so either lie in it or get the h*** out.

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