When you start to fall in love leave!

This confession might fall into all of the categories above. Love, money,s**, school, strange, venting,friends and family... It's a very crazy story but I'll keep it as short as possible. I live and go to school in NYC. I have a job and provide for my self with barely any help from my family. I am very beautiful and started to model when I was 17 which was my main reason for moving to the city. Well this past November I started to fall short of money and I already had a job so I went online in search of a nice guy to help me out. In other words I wanted to be a one time only very discrete and clandestine prostitute. I figured 1 job would get me enough money to pay off my rent then I was set until next month. If I only knew. The guy that I decided on meeting was 30 very good looking worked as a stock portfolio manager all suits and ties all the time but seemed a little nervous on the phone. When we met I was anxious but as we started to talk everything just flowed so naturally. It just made me regret that I had met him the way that I did. Well I found out that he was married with two kids and hated his job absolutely. Which made sense to me. I mean a guy that attractive, wealthy, athletic and stressed out couldn't be unattached. We didn't have s** that day. Or the next time we met, or the time after that but he always gave me money. We became really good friends. We talked every day literally and he gave me an allowance weekly. It was very odd but when ever we are near each other there is this uncanny attraction. For instance he was driving me home one evening when I was looking out the window. Suddenly he turned right into the parking lot of a taco bell. It scared me because a moment before that I thought to myself man I could really go for a Chalupa. It wasn't until January that we actually had s**, in a hotel, with another beautiful girl there and it was very hot for the both of us. When we finished the girl got dressed quickly and so did he. I followed suit and we were headed to the lobby to check out. We were in the elevator when he asked if I would stay the week in the room so it would be easier for us to see one another. I agreed of course! I mean I adored being around him! So, he payed for the room for a week and I stayed there going back and forth from school. He would come to see me during the week after work, in the morning, when ever he had free time. We had a lot of fun just being around each other so freely and not just s**. I really wish that I didn't meet him in the situation that I had but I did. Here is where things get insane. The third day at the hotel he came to see me it was really intense, really fun and then bad. He gave me an ultimatum. Basically saying he had to give up something in his life either his Job, *Hannah(his wife) or me. I told him to do the obvious. As much as it would hurt I would hate to be the cause of turmoil in his life. Then he said something that I had no words for. "Look I don't want to discuss it right now but I want you to know how I feel. If I keep seeing you I am going to leave my wife for you and if I stop seeing you I am probably going to leave her anyway... So, you can either stick out the divorce and everything and stay with me. Or you can leave now and we'll see how things go a few months after. Just know that if you do leave me it won't be the same when we get back together and I can't support you during the divorce.

So what would you do? I know it's wrong and I made it clear that I just wanted to make him happy not break up his family from the beginning. Then, somethings were said that can't be taken back and I would really rather not lose him. I think I know what I'm going to do but I just want an opinion.

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  • I have only one question for you... Do you really want a long term relationship with a guy who has been cheating on his wife and who originally met you as a prostitute? I think the answer is quite obvious.

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