Dating advice???

One of my friends likes me and just told me the other day. I am not used to people saying that to me and it really shocked me.I'm 18 years old and I never have had a boy admit they have liked me before until now. I have agreed to go out for a meal with him because I think I ought to get to know him a little better and give it a go. But I'm not sure how I feel about him - I've always thought of him as a friend and it really really shocked me when he told me. But the real embarrassing thing is I dunno how to talk to him anymore , I was completely able to but now I am scared to talk to him - he hasn't done anything wrong it's just I am really not used to this and I dunno what I am meant to do or what is meant to happen now. I mean I dunno if I like him yet but we do have a lot in common and I am willing to get to know him better and am happy to go on the date. What happens on a date - I don't know what to do or wear or anything - I really need some help. Any advice would be welcome.

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