I adore military men.

My boyfriend is 21, in his first year of being deployed. I am 19, and we have been together since middle school. Him being deployed, gives me time to build up a prude idea of s**, so when he comes home I'm almost ripe for him. The night he proposed to me, we made love in almost every room of the house. In our living room, he bent me over the couch and ate my ass. In our kitchen he bent me over the table and gave it to me doggy style. In our bathroom he held me against the shower wall, and rammed me hard. Then in the bedroom he lay me down, and made passionate love to me. We've been having s** for almost 4 years, after 2 of waiting, and it never gets old. Every time he comes home it gets better. This man is my future husband, my fantasy, and ultimately my best friend. I know no man can f*** me like my baby can.

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  • Just wait until you do his best friend

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