Had to move for work let my girl have fun

Well i moved from one side of my state to another. Left my wife at my hometown while i looked for a better job to support us. We are 25 yrs old and have been together 8 yrs. Our relationship has been a wild one. And we have had some wild times. We are very sexually active..were..atleast till i left.. Well a month passed by and she asked if i could travel across the state to have s** with her.. I Unfortuneatley said no because i couldnt afford the drive at the time.. Naturally she was upset and didnt talk to me for a few days. Then next time she called me she insisted we needed to have s** and it was unfair that i deprived her of my c***.. My wife is very attractive and my c*** is always hard for her as im sure many of urs would be too. (She is 6 foot tall size 6 waist,big fat ass, long natural blonde with green eyes and small little t******. ) welli asked her why the urge to f*** so bad and she told me a guy at her job was constantly complimenting her. So she got bored and bent over infront of him one day and the guy lost it he grabbed her ass as she was bent over. She text me right away and explained what happen. I naturally was upset but she said it instantly made her p**** wet. (and that turned me on) a few days go on. She mentions the incident and jokingly i told her do it again if it was so good. After work she text me and said "i did it" i was stunned. She assured me it was harmless but she was enjoying the flirting once again she let him grab her, but this time he pressed his c*** against her. That night she masturbated to the idea of his c*** pressed against her ass. The next day they worked together again. She was so excited she invited him to the stairwell of the supermarket they worked at to feel how wet he had her. He fingered her p****..while he fingered her she said she could feel his buldge grow and began rubbing it... Once again when she told me how he got her off i was stunned and turned on. She described how she felt the girth of his throbing c***. And how he made her tight p**** cream...one night she worked till 1 am closing the store. And she had no ride from work to home ao she asked him to give her a ride home. He gladly obliged. She flashed him her perky little t***. As a thank you. They exchanged numbers just incase she needed a ride again. Her interest grew and one day she sent him pictures of her self in a sexy pirates costume... He asked what was under there so she sent him some pics in panties he replied to her with a picture of an 8 inch fat c***. Which excited her to no end she said she had never seen " a c*** so nice" she practically begged me to let her try it.i needed to think about it. Few days passed and she mentioned she needed a ride home and "larry" was taking her. When she got in the car "larry" asked her if she liked the picture , she smiled and before she could say any thing he pulled his large flacid c*** out. Melissa reacted by quickly licking and sucking it till it was erect she barely could fit it in her mouth she sucked him all the way home.. When she got home she texted me a screen shot of his message to her about how well she sucked his d***. She was hooked the next day she bragged about how much bigger his c*** was. She waited for him at work she called him back to the freezer were once again she sucked his c*** he took her shirt and bra off. While she handled his c*** in the stores freezer so he could c** all on her chest and face. He took a pic of her on her knees covered in c**... That night she sent me the picture with out saying a word and my p**** was rock hard. A few days i received pictures of her in panties in positions she couldnt have taken her self when i asked she told me they hung out at a bar and got tipsy and she wanted to take sexy pictures for me and tease him too.. I started to fantasize about her and him f******. How he would probably f*** her 100x better than i had in 8 yrs. One night i was unable to get a hold of her she called me the next morning and confessed to having s** with him the night before.she gladly described how he licked her juicy pusyy better than me and how she begged for his c***. He f***** her in every room of our house. They f***** for hours he pounded her p****. In every which way. He made her p**** squirt which i had never done. She had sent me a picture of her self all marked by where his hands had been. Later that day i received several videos of how he f***** my wife like a beast she screamed and moaned as he f***** her tight p****. I played with my c*** as i watched her get hammered. My wife is so addicted to his c*** now..she has it a few times a week and we love it


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  • I'm fingering my p**** while reading you story
    In out
    In out
    Pinching and twisting my t*** all while thinking about your girl

  • My wife and I have s** with other couples or with single women or men, she's bisexual and I'm heterosexual, I love watching her with a couple or two men at the same time. Were very open and believe that it's only s**. She asked me if I would have s** with her single mother and I agreed to do it if it was ok with her. Now I have s** with her mother when we visit. It's bizarre I know, but I really get off doing her and then hearing them discuss how it was. Like mother like daughter.

  • She sounds like a real dirty b**** I love, would love to f*** her, as you watch?

  • My gf and i were thinking about doing the same thing
    Although she wants to sleep with every friend that i have
    And im okay eith it
    As long as she's not preg after you know?

  • Btw i just jerked off to your story haha

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