25, married to 50, hers why...

I have always been attracted to older men as far back as I can remember. I mean older, as in my dads age. I had my first real sexual experience at 13 with a high school boy. I did not enjoy it. I rarely dated in high school and when I did it was a college age guy.
When I was 17 I got my wish. My dad hired one of his buddies to renovate the kitchen. I knew him from BBQ's and outings. I always thought he was attractive. One afternoon when both my parents were out I decided to make my move. I had a special bikini my parents didn't know about. A bikini so tiny I would change "after" I left the house. I put it on and finally gathered my nerves. I walked into the kitchen and acted surprised he was still working. I saw the look on his face when he saw that much of me for the first time. He tried to keep working as I puttered around. I made an excuse that I was going to the pool with friends. I opened the fridge and bent over to get a soda. I quickly turned my head toward him to ask if he wanted one. I BUSTED HIM checking me out. He was so flustered he couldn't answer me. I walked over to him and sat the soda on the counter. He was staring down at the floor to avoid looking at me. I told him it was OK, that I actually dressed like this for him. I reached up and put my hands over his shoulders and kissed him. The next minute was a blur as he more than responded! My bikini bottoms were laying on the floor and I was bent over the kitchen table as he pounded my p**** like a nail in the wall. IT WAS AMAZING! To this day the best s** of my life. It wasn't the size of his c*** or that he was the best lover in the world. It was that I finally had my fantasy, an older man f****** me. There I was, a 17 year old girl with a 40 year old man trying to f*** me into a coma!
I never went back to dating boys again, only older men. I kept my secret from my parents until I moved out to attend college. I am now 25 and married to my wonderful 50 year old husband.

15 days

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