Finding Fun at Work!

My husband and I have been married going on 28 years this June. We love each other and our relationship is great. Except for one area. S**! My poor hubby due to his health. Can't achieve an erection that last more than 3-4 minutes tops. He takes high blood pressure medication and a few other RX's that just kill it. Nothing seems to help him. The other day as I put on my dress for work I told him what my boss had said. He said I looked so sexy that if he was my husband he wouldn't let me go to work looking like I do. It's funny cause my hubby says that all the time. So my hubby said well baby maybe he could take care of you and give you what you long for. I told him to shut up and that I love him. But he said that he wants me to be happy and told me to do what I need to and just not tell him about it.

I hate to say it but he is right I do need it. With this in mind the playing around we do at work and the things we say ended up with the boss and I kissing and making out at lunch time. We both stayed in the office while everyone else went out to eat. It was so good. I went down on my boss and sucked him off. He had no trouble keeping it up. Plus his p**** was about 2-3 inches longer and a bit bigger around than my hubby is. Then in only 15 minutes he bent me over raised up my dress and pulled down my panties and gave it to me so f****** good. He filled my p**** so full of his c**. I was loving it and boy did I need it. I could feel him running back out of me the rest of the day.

It takes me right back to when my husband and I first met. I was only 17 and he was 19. To make it easier I started wearing dresses when he came over to watch television in my basement. When ready to make love I would take my panties off and stuff them under the sofa cushion. Then Greg would pull down his pants and underwear and we get busy. If anyone came down the steps it was easy for me to just pull my dress back down. Well now I'm doing the same thing with the boss. I always wear dresses now and then once at work I remove my panties for quick easy access. He loves f****** me bent over the desk or I can climb on top of his big hard c*** while on his sofa. I don't want to rub my husband's face in it as I do love him. But the s** I'm having with the boss is just awesome. He and his wife divorced over s**. He loves it and she hated it. What a dumb ass b**** she is. Since he owns the company we don't have anything to fear either. So he can make love to me and no one can say a thing. Although I certainly wouldn't want my husband to know even though he told me to go ahead and get what I need. I really love my job. We are going on a business trip this August and I can hardly wait. I know it will be terrific.

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  • Good for you. I mean we all need to be fulfilled. Just keep doing what your doing. Its actually really hot ! What your husband doesnt know wont hurt him will it? I know I am. Me and a woman in the office do the same thing. Cept I send her home completely full then I tell her to.make sure u get him to eat u that's a huge turn on for us. Soo filthy sexy. Thanks for sharring!!

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