Love hurts

Ive been dating a girl for 8 years and i love her very much i just dont know wat to please her with i made a mistake one tym she dumpd me and i thot i shud move on so i met this other girl we dated for only 2 months and i left her so one day when we kissed n make up the girl came to my place n fin d me with my gf so she thot its best we apart but i manange to fix things so last week she left me n i dont knw wat to do anymore i call her everytym bt yet she jst dont want to change her mind im crushed inside n i cant do anything i wish it was simple but its hard n i havent told any one ive tried to kill myself but i failed my brother found me he beated me so hard to tell him why did i want to do that but i couldnt tell him any thing i keep on hoping she will cime back but every day its a nightmare i cant cope anymore im scared that i might try to kill myself again pleaase help me.........

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