My life is a lie.

Have told my friends I have kissed a girl before and I never have. My whole life seems to be a lie. I just wanted to fit in. I have told people I used to party a lot. And that I've had 3 gfs but fact is they were e all online gfs. I'm a loser

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  • I feel for you mate.

  • actually I think that could be very healthy for your social life

  • Every one lies about something or the other it's part of life Instead of worrying about what your friends think of you why don't you try to become the person you want to be

  • Oh well sure.
    It was a lie, you only wanted to fit in.
    Learn from it, and get over it.

    You're not a loser though.
    We all lie and most of us do lie to fit in.

  • That's nothing. Everyone lies and brags from time to time. Want to hear something really pathetic? I know someone (I swear not me) who was actually legally married (now divorced) and is still a virgin. And oh yeah, he's in his 30's.

  • i dont think u r a loser i could be ur gf in real life

  • Hey there,

    Chances are you ar not a loser, but like you said, you just want to fit in. We all do, no one likes to be left out or feel odd. I did the same thing when i was younger (im 33 now) I don't do it anymore of course, i am happy with who i am.

    But the urge to feel needed, special and fit in is totally normal!

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