I'm a married mom with three children (3, 8 and 10), and I have a wonderful normal life and wonderful normal marriage, but sometimes I just want to be taken and sexually abused by a man. No one who knows me would think I ever dream about this, but I do and the fantasies come so often now that I actually think I might do it: just go out and one night and find a man to f*** me until I can't walk and maybe even hurt me. I feel like I need it. And sometimes I even think it might happen to me without my going out looking for it.

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  • I really, really like your attitude. If my husband was so open to total experimentation, then maybe I wouldn't have all the totally nasty urges I have. Or maybe I wouldn't have so many of those urges if I had a man who would give it to me rough like you would. I truly do like the idea of being used like a thing.

  • Well, I think that is hot.

    My wife has similar fantasies. I was happy to indulge -- she was really into the fantasy of being taken hard by a pirate. But strangely, after I started getting into this, she cooled off, doesn't like it when I suggest gang bangs etc.

    Anyhow, you sound hot, and I'd be happy to take you roughly. Light bondage is such a turn-on.

  • My advice to you is to share this with your husband. I would bet that he would like to be rougher during s**, but is afraid you wouldn't like it. It's true for me. I think a lot of us have the fantasy of taking what we want, but don't want to endure the consequences (i.e. the anger, getting cut off for a long time, etc.) You need to give him a chance to do this for you. Someone needs to go first and be completely open and honest with the other. Since you are craving this, it seems like it needs to be you. You never know, he may strip you naked and have you bent over the couch before you get halfway through what you want to say.

  • I've tried talking to him about spicing things up, but I never went beyond suggesting a little role play or light bondage: NEVER anything like what my fantasies include. It feels like what I want is so dark and pervy that he'd never go for it, but I suppose I should talk to him more about this. My fantasies usually involve strangers, but if he would just get away from the mundane, it would be better for both of us. Thanks.

  • I think that is a hot fantasy. If my wife confided this to me (which i doubt would ever happen because she is too shy)I would be very turned on. There is something about seeing the woman you have been with for a number of years lose her inhibitions and crave something wild, even slutty. I say if you cant confide in your husband, why are you together. Go for it!

  • I wish my husband thought like you think. But I suppose that if he did, our s** life wouldn't be so routine and unspectacular that I dream of stepping outside of it for something really nasty and dark. Your wife is lucky, and I hope she eventually recognizes that and starts to spice up your s** life. (And I love the fact that you used the word "crave", because that's precisely how I feel about these images that keep bombarding my mind and my soul: I do "crave" it, God yes I do.)

  • Choking is a really big turn on during s**. Maybe your boy will do it. Or just do it to him one night...
    I'm betting money it'll make him super hard. H*** do it back eventually

    It'll spice things up real quick.

  • I thinks is pretty obvious: you've having been open with you husband about your sexual desire and preferences, I honestly think that there's nothing wrong with wanting a f*** that you can remember all your life, and most important is try to talk your hubby into and maybe he can help out. Now if the fantasies is about meeting someone new! then I would say make sure you protect your self and don't end up with a lil gift from your wild fantasy.
    Be safe and get it out of you girl cuz this life is too darn short like to not explore our own self.

  • Talk to a therapist. The deeper question is WHY you have such fantasies?

  • I've thought about seeking some counseling, and that may be what's needed, but I'm so conservative and reserved that I'm not sure I could express my real feelings to another person, even a professional, except for the man or men I would do this with, if I ever got to where I could act this out. The whole idea makes me feel dirty and perverted and whorish, but honestly, sometimes . . . I really like that feeling.

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