Since we're friends, I thought you should know....

Your husband is falling in love with me, and I'm encouraging it. And enjoying it. We have wonderful, wonderful ** together. And it's only getting better. There's no way you can compete. And there's no way you'll ever get him off me or ever get him back. We are a couple in ways that you and he never were and never could be. This is TRUE love. And he is mine.

Aug 6, 2012

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  • Then tell her to her face so they can divorce. You may be "more in love, blah" but there's a ring on her finger and she's legally wed to him. Even if he's in ** with you, you're still number two. So if he really loves you he'll do the right thing and divorce her. Simple. If he refuses for whatever reasons/fear, then you're just a cushion for his **.

  • A few years ago, I fancied the husband of my best friend, and he fancied me. We even talked about having an affair, and we were both thrilled by the prospect, even to the point of inspecting flats to take up in a nearby village. Then, just before consummating, we both developed cold feet. For the next two-plus years, our decision seemed right, but then our feet began to warm once more, and we decided to have a go. We planned to go to the coast together one weekend a month on, to finally do the deed and commence the affair. Fate had a cruel twist for us, unfortunately. My lover, whom I did truly love but never took to bed, was severely injured in an accident at his place of work the following week, lingered in a coma for three weeks, and then died.......on the day we'd planned to go away together. No one ever knew about what we'd planned, and no one understood why I was so horribly distraught over his passing. "Was". I don't know why I used that word just there: I still am distraught. Had my own husband died, or any of my children, I wouldn't have felt such pain. Part of the pain was my deception of my friend, albeit never finalized, part of it was the absence of consummating acts, conflicting emotions and irreconcilable desires and duties. But mostly, and the reason that I am writing to the original poster here, is to say that I regret not having taken the step we initially wanted to take. I regret not having shagged him, to put it crudely and mildly, and I regret having wasted all that time vacillating. Be glad that you have what you have with your friend's husband, and do NOT allow her existence to dissuade you from furthering and deepening it. Be with him and enjoy him, and enjoy the adultery. It's all delicious, and I wish to heaven that I had tasted it for myself while I still had the opportunity. Best wishes!

  • Nope. Didn’t happen

  • Like the other women I say go for it, too. I think your right and I think its a beautiful relationship. Don't stop with him and don't let her interfere even if she is your friend. Its obvious the man wants you and not her and thats the way things should be. The world would be better if more women did what your doing.

  • .......nasty........trashy..........garbage............filthy

  • I say go for it

  • DITTO!

  • Omg kristen stewart is that you.

  • **!! Thank you for this bright spot amid all the flying feces. This is GREAT!!!

  • yes ** is right thats what ur

  • I'm sure you'll find it to be a compliment in some twisted way -- the same way that allows you to exploit your friendship and prey on your friend's husband and consider it "wonderful" -- but you are a **. Not the good kind, not the fun, frolicsome kind, but the dirty, duplicitous, deviant kind. The diseased kind. Diseased of spirit and, perhaps, body. **. **.

  • haha...that's so funny....if you marry that guy, you better not let him out of your sight! the next gal is always right around the corner

  • You are going to lose him and ur friend.

  • yes yes yes. correct.......

  • this is totaly right. ur going to lose.

  • You sound like such a **. What's your email address?

  • Lmao see what is attracts men slags and that's all you are, he's not yours if he's still with her and how do you know there ** ain't better because he told you haha! Move on girl.

  • **! That's what you are

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