I love oral

I'm 72 and I love to perform oral s**. My husband died back in the winter just before Christmas. He was a wonderful man. We were married for over 44 years. He had a wonderful large thick p****. I will miss him so much now that he is gone. Not sure I can do what I did for him to others. I have to have a connection other than just s**. I never cheated on him nor he on me. At least that I ever found out about. I hope that maybe I could eventually meet a nice older man close to my age that I might eventually care for and grow to love. This will seem boring to most people but I can't change who I am now. I wouldn't even if I could. Thanks for listening to me, Mary

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  • You should visit glory hole set up nearby to suck a wide range of c****. You will love it!!

  • I wonder if she wears dentures? Take them teeth out and start sucking. One of the best BJ's I ever got was from this older woman who didn't have any teeth.

  • My mum takes her dentures out before sucking me off. Sliding my co ck in and out her gums soon brings me off.

  • Sorry I have all my teeth. I'd still give you head. Do you like older ladies?

  • I love to lick women's vaginas. We should meet.

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