OMG I just lost a bet and you will not believe what I have to do

My GF and I had a bet on the game btw the Heat and Thunder. She took the Heat, and I lost. We usually bet on something sexual, and give a choice of 3 things sexually the person would have to do, and pick one. Mine were tame, a hand job, she goes bra less all weekend, or doggy style. Well She had wrote down hers on three pieces of paper. I turn over the first, It says, "Eat her p**** out after I c** in her" Eat my own c**? Yuck. So I read the next one, "Let her f*** me in the ass with a strap-on." Ouch! Never did THAT before. I am hoping the last one is something normal, and she is just s******* with me. Nope worst than the others, "Lick her a******." I asked her are there any others to chose from? She gets p*****, saying I better not back out now. She gives me until Saturday to decide. I really don't want to do any of them, but I also do not want her p***** at me either. Which of these is the least offensive? Because I can't pick one. I may just put the choices in a hat and go by a random draw.

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  • If you haven't done ass play don't do 2 as you could get hurt. If you have and know what you're doing it can be a lot of fun. I personally am grossed the f out by my own load so there is no way I would consider 1. 3 is fine imo so long as she cleans up first. You may even enjoy one of these so open up and try to have fun. Your lady sounds pretty awesome to make these fun sexy bets with you.

  • Go for all three and shock her you may find a new fetish that really excites you also

  • Eat her. Women do it all the time. There's nothing bad about it and it won't make you sick. In fact, have her sit on your face. Just make sure you're both clean first. Nothing like that stale urine smell.

  • All of them, lick her a****** to start with, then get f***** by the strapon and then f*** her and c** (which would take me 5 seconds after that) and then eat her out. I would happily do that with most girls if I could!

  • I agree.

  • Lol OP: I have licked my wife's a****** willingly several times. I have also eaten c** from her p****. Both my own c** and other men's c**. Just have her take a shower then just tongue f*** her a******. She will love it.

  • Eating your own c** out of her well f***** p**** will turn her on, because it shows a willingness to connect. plus the combination of the two, isn't barely noticeable.

  • sounds perfectly fine to me

    so all of the above
    id pick the strap'on first
    the lick her ass 2nd
    but its a close call

    btw ur gf is awsome for being open minded

    and eating ur own c** ant that bad....

  • You better LIKE all of them....your GF has wanted to do ALL of these for a long, you will become her s** better RUN now.

  • Eating your own c**.. trust me.. dont loose your manhood.. to a woman. lol

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