I think my girlfriend might be a crazy psycho

A week ago I had an yelling argument with my girlfriend. It was about something stupid but she got more p***** than I ever saw her. She threw a steak knife at me that just missed my head and bounced off the wall. Then she gave me the finger and said F*** you and left my apartment and said I'd be the sorriest guy in Florida where we live. That night my shih tzu dog Muffy went missing. I worried that maybe my p***** girlfriend stole it. In the morning when I woke up I found a shoe box outside my front door. I opened it got shocked and cried like a baby. Muffy's head was in it. I called my girlfriend and asked her if she did it. She laughed and said she would never hurt my "wittle 's***' zu." I couldn't believe she'd laugh about that and disrespect Muffy by calling him a swear. I have a feeling she did it, but I can't prove it. Though I love her more than anything I wonder if she is some kind of crazy psycho who could do something bad to me someday.

Dec 15, 2013

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  • Just f*** her more

  • Are you nucking futz either this is a B/S story or you need some serious help if you can say that after this experience you love Her more than anything.
    you seriously need to contact the police and share this with family and friend's so they are sure to help you through this tragic event in you life but you most certainly need to move on with you life and keep your distance from Her as well as keep out an weary eye and take notice of anything out of the ordinary where you live work and or play and also should you get into another relationship for damn sure tell your new G/F about it because that is the most likely person that will suffer the wrath of your current G/F ex G/F whatever she or will be Man get a damn grip.

  • U should go over her house and beat the s*** out of her cat. That's what I would do. An eye for an eye, a cat for a dog.

  • Why the h*** would you take the revenge out on a poor innocent cat? Call the f****** cops on her and get her arrested. Leave the animals out of it.

  • Might be crazy? You better get the f*** away from her. Change your locks.

  • She "might" be a crazy psycho? Is there really any doubt?

  • Sociopaths first start with killing small animals. She had motive and she was angry enough...You need to get as far away from her as possible. Document everything she does. Tell your friends and family, so they are aware of her behavior. Her behavior is psycho and more and more women are committing violent crimes. Report her to the authorities or at least obtain a restraining order..Whatever you do, this girlfriend should be your ex. Take precautions, she probably won't like the news very much.

  • She clearly killed the dog, no doubt. And if you're not careful, she'll do the same to you. I just have two words for you, my man: "Jodi Arias".

  • Without a doubt, she's a bona fide psycho and, trust me on this, things are going to get nightmarishly worse. Been there done that. Here's some tips on how I saved my ass and my life. Remove any other pets you cherish from your home. Hide your clothes. Most likely they'll be slashed to shreds. Get rid of all the knifes and matches in your house. Learn how to sleep with one eye open. Set up an alarm system in you home. If you own a car, It might save your life to not drive it anymore unless you are feeling suicidal and don't mind being blown to bits in a bomb blast. Better than all that, break up with her (but not in person) and move thousands of miles away. Change you appearance, your routines, your habits, your identity and your Social Security number if possible. Do not tell anyone where you are going. Repeat Do Not Tell Anyone Where You Are Going. She could torture the information out of a family member and you'd never see or hear from that family member again. Once she zeroed in on you, she could take you by surprise and slice and dice to pieces in the dead of night. If you do a background check on this woman, like I did on my psycho woman six years ago, don't be surprised if her former boyfriends, husbands, whatever died under horrific circumstances. Good luck, Dude. Stay strong and get out of Dodge pronto.

  • Wow man, that just sounds horrible, I hope your living life better. can't imaging going through something like that. s***. god bless man.

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