Don't laugh this is a serious problem

I am not sure when but I like to m********* with my d*** against my teddy bear. I am no kid. I am twenty-two years old. I guess what I have is called a fetish. Why I have this craziness I do not know. I started doing it when I was 12 and never stopped.

I would never tell anyone who knew me about this. They would probably laugh at me and call me a freak behind my back. I do not know what made me a man who likes to feel his d*** against a teddy bear's body when he jerks. Maybe when I was a baby a teddy bear fell on my d*** and that planted the seed of this craziness.

I thought when I got girlfriends I would stop masturbating against my teddy's body. Didn't happen. After a date when I got home first thing I would do is do my thing with Bunko, my teddy bear's name.

Except for s******* around with Bunko, I am a regular guy who works for a bug spray company and stays out of trouble with the Law.

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  • you work in pest control? only freaks work in pest control

  • Yeah, but is Bunko ok with it? Or, is he gay???

  • You wouldn't believe some of the things guys like to m********* with... or girls. I can see how a teddy bear would feel good. I just hope he gets washed regularly!

  • Everyone have his way of masturbating. I would say it's cool, it's your way. You got used to it. That's my opinion.

  • I rub s*** on my tedys a*** its like a gay lover

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