My thought of revenge

I've thought and no doubt over thought of the way, well my dream way of getting revenge on the person who took everything I had away from me, but it is probably too "harsh" to some. I look at it as being too psychotic, thats down to the fact that instead of hurting him, it would have to be his family I'd hurt. Because from what I can see, his family are what are most important to him if not f****** up other peoples lives. He destroyed my world, I would do the same to him in return for his kindness. Every time I think about what I would do to them, I just always feel like the craziness inside is growing, like theres 2 of me, the craziness and rage that he has caused, and the mask of sanity.

Apr 25, 2011

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  • i know what your feeling. i would like to cause destruction in someones life who hurt me also. but i think better of it because charges usually catch up with you and then YOU'RE f*****, not them. so it serves no purpose.

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