Someone help me. please

I need someone to talk to i really do, i dont know what to do with my life anymore, i have a boyfriend and he's the only thing that makes me happy anymore, i have depression but no one knows about it. i constantly have suicidal thoughts and i have no one to talk to about it and if i did ever open up to someone they would think that im just being over the top and that i need to get over myself. im always in a bad mood. one day i lose my appetite completely and starve myself and the next i eat so much and my self esteem drops even more than it already is, i have no confidence, i constantly see a fat girl in the mirror, i break down and burst into tears when i see how fat i am. i dont like getting undressed infront of people and i feel like everyone is judging me. the worst thing is that im 14, i have the rest of my life to have these awful feelings and rock bottom self esteem. i dont see any point in living.. and if it wasnt for my boyfriend id take my life. every time i think about being older i just see myself being an alcoholic or in rehab trying to cope, i dont think ill ever see myself come out of this its horrible, ive felt like it for months and i dont think anyone can help me. i know no one can help me but i needed to get it off my chest. i wouldnt wish this feeling on my worst enemy…


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  • You should seek counseling immediately. What you said is true, about if you mention it to some people they'll just say you're being over the top. But the good news is there is lots of confidential help out there and the whole world doesn't have to know. Find a help line immediately to have someone to talk to and then when you are feeling better approach your parents calmly and tell them you really want counseling but want to keep it a private matter.

  • Honey this is not the place to be seeking help. You need someone who you can speak to face to face. If you can't confide in a guidance counselor or religious clergy please look up a hotline or phone number to call to get help. You could have issues that need medical attention.

  • Do these three things:
    1) google "blood type diet"...find out your blood type...this is your new diet.
    2) go to youtube and search: eft tapping self-esteem...tap and say the words of any of the videos..just do it.
    3) you need to learn about human emotions fast...we don't have much time...get a book THE BOOK OF will seem weird..but, you need it.
    4) also, you can get a DVD...called The Tapping Solution...don't waste your life caught up in emotional turmoil...
    5) Chat on omegle...your boyfriend is a good crutch, but he can't fix you.

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