No more mr. nice guy

I give up. my mother-in-law has never liked me, not from the moment we first met, not at the wedding, not during my eight-plus year marriage to her daughter. i've tried being nice, getting along, ignoring her jabs and her criticisms. but no more. it ends today. rudeness will be met with rudeness. disregard, with disregard. meanness, with meanness. my wife will blame me, but it won't matter. if her mother wants it ugly, it'll get ugly. and if my wife wants to go, good f****** riddance: then, i won't ever have to see her b****-ass mother again. EVER.

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  • You should make a point to aggressively aggravate your mother in law. Ask her her bra size when she tells you its noyb then say just wondering when you were doing the laundry you found a strange see thru bra in the dirty clothes that looked like it might be hers cause it wasn't your wifes size. Also you could conveniently accidently touch her in the wrong places. Instead of using her name whenever you wife is not around call her your slutty mil. Talk to her about s** like ask her how long its been since she had any because the way she is acting makes you think she is h**** or on her period. Had a friend who yelled at his mother in law when she was acting like an ass.....he said....what tha h*** is the matter with you were you molested by every boy in school.

  • Dude you seem p*****, but i guess I'd be too if i had to deal with a b**** like her.

  • Does your wife ever stand up for you? Tell her mom to stop? If you have kids, just don't let them be witness to the bickering. But maybe you give it back to her. Like you said, being nice and ignoring her hasn't worked. So if she can dish it, then she can take it. You sound like you've been fairly respectful by ignoring it all these years.. turn a new leaf and see how she likes it.

  • Thanks for the support. So far, I haven't had any opportunity to display the new me (it's only been one day, and the M-I-L hasn't ventured into the house), but I'm actually looking forward to the shock that will appear on her face and my wife's face when they realize the f****** party's over. [And no, my wife never attempts to correct or deflect her mother, which is a part of the problem I have with the whole disastrous relationship I have with her horror of a mother.]

  • You should watch that show Mother In Law..I forget which channel it's on, maybe TLC. But it deals with the same scenario you're dealing with. They bring in a therapist to work with the couple and the MIL. Your MIL does not understand boundaries and certainly does not respect you or your marriage. Your wife needs to stand behind you and tell her mom to stop. It's not okay. Does your MIL speak negatively to your wife? or other son in laws or are you just the lucky one? It is time to stand up for yourself. No one is telling this woman otherwise that it's not okay. And tell your wife that it's not about taking sides, it's about supporting you and your marriage. Her mom is a bully.
    Good luck!

  • I appreciate the input: and you seem to have a grasp on this that suggests personal experience. Anyway, yes, I am the only son-in-law she lavishes this special attention on. My wife has two sisters, and their husbands are treated royally, even though they're no-class slugs with bad jobs and they treat their wives like s***: I, on the other hand, treat my wife as well as a woman should be treated and am a good provider. I have no earthly idea why she resents me or treats me like she does, particularly in light of the fact that she's had three failed marriages (though she's a good-looking woman), the other two daughters have both been divorced themselves, and my wife is the happiest of them all. I've given my M-I-L no reason to dislike me, and have tried for years to convert her, with no positive results. I'll check out the TV program, but I'm not hopeful that this horrid little b**** will either (a) go to therapy, or (b) respond to it, even if she went. And yes, I'm not laying down like I have been: to borrow a phrase, "I'm mad as h***, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"

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