I cant help but love...

I cant help but love giving oral s** to my new fiance, ive always told everyone i dont do that type thing, but in all reality i love it. I love doing different things to pleasure him, like being his "s** slave" every once in a while & love the fact that im a complete freak while everyone thinks im still a goody good.

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  • From a male perspective, I suggest you learn to mix it up a bit and give him surprises. Don't let anything become too routine.

    My wife does that and it keeps things lively and interesting. She's come back to our table at a restaurant and stuffed her panties in my pocket. At a winery, she started to massage my crotch with her foot. While waiting for our car at the valet she rubbed her butt against my groin then took her pants down and fingered herself on the ride home. In all three cases we weren't going to home or at a hotel for at least an hour and she knew how to build my excitement until I damn near burst on getting to a bed.

    Make it fun by holding back and keeping him wanting more. You want to keep a man from straying make sure you show him what he'd lose if you left.

  • yeah agree. first poster is an ungrateful a******. but yeah, i totally agree - its fun being a goody good shoes but a total wanton inside. ;)

  • He will only want another woman if you stop doing him all the time and start b******* at him instead. Bet previous poster is guilty on both counts.

  • mark my words: one day your man will desire a younger woman...it is his nature...don't worry about it...acknowledge that he wants more variety...it's nature...just don't let him get anyone pregnant

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