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That my wife didn't get into the MBA program she applied to. I don't know what to do to help her. She's been out of work for four years cause we moved due to my job, right after she finished undergrad.

So now she feels stuck. She doesn't know what to do and I don't know how to help her. I'm terrified she'll become suicidal cause she ties up so much of her self worth in her career and the MBA plan was supposed to get her back on track for what she wants.

We have a two year old son and I love her and my boy so much and I don't want my wife to suffer like this.

She's not lazy. She's not stupid. She's not incompetent. She just can't find work in her field.

I don't know what to do.

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  • Welcome to Obama's America. Tell your wife that the Americas brightest days are still ahead and that big bro is going to give you "free" healthcare and a hand full of food stamps when she can't find a job.
    BTW, Obama the great job creator is going to executive order a few more taxes so he can stimulate job creation a little more, so don't worry.

  • Nobody can find work right now. D:

  • Make some suggestions..Her not getting in does not have to be a negative. Yes, it can feel like that, but sometimes it's about timing. And maybe it's really not what she wants to do. Take the pressure of the situation. Maybe she could speak with a life coach and/or a therapist.

    For her education: Have her speak to a counselor at the school to see why her application was rejected. Could be overcrowding. But if they say certain class requirements, maybe she can use the summer and fall to take some other classes to raise her GPA or meet requirements. See if she can reapply to the MBA program again for the spring semester, or even another school.

    Encourage her to enjoy her time with your son. Encourage her to spend some time alone (find a good daycare..so she can drop off the little one) so she can have some "me" time. Join some mommy and me groups. If you just moved, chances are her support system is not built up. Maybe meeting some other women will help her. Friends are important.

    And just talk to her and let her know you're there when she's ready to chat.

  • F*** me! I will release your stress....

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