My friends husband is a pedofile

So my friend lived with her mom who was renting out a room to this guy who is 48. She was 17 at the time when he started to take interest. Now my friend looks like she is thirteen...she has always looked very young. He pursued her while she was 17 and even got her to do sexual acts with him. They married directly after she turned 18. Now I'm all for age doesn't matter as long as you're in love. I don't believe he actually loves her but rather wants her for her young appearance. Here is why I say this.

I lived with my friend and her husband for about two months and he was always obsessed with looking at p*** on his computer...I thought it was typical for a guy to look at p*** so I paid no mind. One day he left the laptop for a while, the screen was black and I asked my friend if I could look at my facebook. As soon as I moved the mouse I was disgusted to see very young children (around 3-8 years old) nude and performing sexual acts on adults. He put up exactly ten tabs with different child p********** sites. I was in shocked and quickly minimized the tabs and left the computer right after. I now know not to bring any kids around him. He would also comment on my friends pictures from when she was eight and how she would do sexual things to her if he knew her at that time.

I'm afraid if they have a daughter he will molest her.


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  • Tell the police. He can go to jail for 14 to 25 years in jail

  • To me any female under the age of 25 is just a child. legal age for making p*** should be 30 . 30 years old women are smoking hot. Give laptop to cops. the guys inside will love him trust me ive been in.

  • I kinda actually feel like slapping your face so hard that people will think it got run over by a bulldozer...

    Mind giving me your address?

  • Some of these posters here make me sick. I can understand you being worried about how your friend will react. If it was me though.....I would tell her about and give her notice that you will talking with the cops. This sort of thing cannot be left undealt with. Even if he tries to cover his tracks, a person trained in computer forensics will be able to still pull it up. If we do nothing in situations like these, it will continue on and on.

    If you can't think about possible future children, than keep this in mind. Every link to a site with child p*** on it, might be able to lead police to the children who are being abused.

  • You can tell your friend. She may not want to believe you. Regardless, do the right thing and call the cops. Your friend doesn't have to know how they find out, but she will be better off with this predator out of her life. I'd be afraid for any child that comes near this guy.

  • All guys including your husband want girls that are very young generally 5 years old to 12 years old to have s** with. Theres nothing wrong with having s** with very young girls. Tell him you want to watch he will love you forever

  • He's not my husband...he's my friends husband. And no way in f****** h*** would I ever want to watch any of that let alone marry a guy who does that.

  • Spoken above like a true pedophile...this is the typical pedophile's all natural and the children really enjoyed it!

  • you need to mind your own business...of course, I would definitely tell your friend about her husband...better to do over the phone...and expect to lose the friend..but, your conscience will be clear.

  • Kind of sounds like a wimpy tatic sprinkled with guilt.

  • Yeah, let the dude f*** kids...eewww.

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