Lied about pregnancy

So I had this boyfriend and we knew eachother for three years prior to dating. He knew I had been cheated on before and how I had trust issues. We dated for one year and things were okay until I caught him cheating. He denied it all even though I saw and accused me of being crazy and that he can't stand my jealousy and whatnot even though I did catch him. I then found out he had been doing stuff with many other girls. He was also mentally abusive. Our break up ended badly. We stopped talking for 4 months. We had s** before I caught him cheating and I was still p***** off to see how lightly he took all of it. It was like all four years I knew him...none of that mattered. I read up online that there is this thing that some women can get which make them look and act like they're pregnant when they're not. I had his number and I called one day and left a voicemail telling him I'm possibly pregnant. He calls back five minutes later freaking out. My friend was in on it too. She took the phone and acted angrily and yelled at him. We then hung up and when I picked up I pretended to cry and say how irresponsible he was and that I hope I'm pregnant so I can f*** him over. He proceeded to freak out more. After a month of f****** with his mind, I told him the tests I took at the hospital revealed I had that false pregnancy look. I don't care if it was harsh of me to do that...there are far worse things I could've done to him.

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  • He deserved it. You rock! He should just be grateful he didn't knock up one of the many tramps he's banging.

  • I think you did a great thing, and I wish more women had that kind of nerve. It's about damn time men as a group started getting some payback for all the s*** they've done to women throughout all of history. I applaud you.

  • You're psychotic. Pulling that crap only to cause trouble? I sincerely hope you NEVER become a mother- ESPECIALLY to a girl. Spawns of Satan as yourself need to do humanity a favor and get your tubes tied.

  • Aw yes my little minions. :)

  • Honesty is not your best will probably have a retarded child for that little joke...bad karma is a b****.

  • Considering the far worse things he had done to me that I did not mention in this post...I believe I got my justice.

  • just pulled the oldest trick that ugly girls use to bring a poor guy to the are no better that the long line of s**** that pull this s***!

  • Yes, "justice" is precisely the right word. The guy was obviously a major d*******, and he had this -- and much worse -- coming to him. She had every right to do this to him, and he actually got off easy. If I were her, I'd get a girlfriend to go hook up with him now, make sure she was on the pill, have her tell him she ISN'T on the pill and he has to use a condom, then secretly tear the tip of the condom and show it to him as having been a defect or a rip after he nuts, and then call him in a couple weeks and tell him she's late, then pregnant, an do the same thing to the idiot again. Lather, rinse, repeat. Girl after girl, same guy. Our heroine here is amazing. I love her.

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