Friend zone?

That I am in love with Cody. Every day that I see him is the best day of my life, even if work is horrible I know that he can make me smile. He has gotten another job now. After the 4th of July I will no longer get to see him at work. I don't know what to do. I love him. I really do! It is going to kill me not to see him. I wonder if he truly knows how I feel about him.

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  • I know it might sound redundant, but you should talk to him. You own it to the feelings you have for him.
    You said you don't know how he feels about you, well, now its time to find out, or at least, tell him how you feel.
    When you tell him you will finally know how he feels and anything that happens afterwards, its up to the both of you.
    It is normal to feel afraid and scared. But it's even worse to wonder for time on end what could have been

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