Stopping me

I cry about loving you everyday, lately more than once. I'm so depressed inside. I want to die the day
before you leave me or pass away, sothat I die knowing you are mine. I want to commit suicide, the
only thing that stops me is knowing that if it fails, I won't wake up with you. I cry again now.
Scared of ever losing you.
Why'd you have to be so perfect?

Jun 28, 2012

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  • Take time to morn. All of us have gone through what seemed like a life ending relationship, and in a way we all got through it. It is not easy and it will take time and effort to get through it. Being scared is normal. Scared to feel the pain continuously and never stop aching. Just take time; cry, scream, eat, do sports, go out with friends, anything that could take your mind off the pain.
    It will be hard and it won't be easy but when you get through it, you will be stronger than you could ever think.

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