My friend Tommy...

My friend Tommy introduced me to his sister Beth a while back and we began dating. It's been four years now that Beth and I have been together and everything was great up until two weeks ago. We have a normal fighting or squabbling, but two weeks ago Tommy and I went out for a few drinks and he told me that he was coming out of the closet and because I was his closest friend he wanted me to know first.

I didn't care and told him that I would support him 100% but when we got back to his apartment he began hitting on me. I don't think I am gay but my p**** got hard as a rock and Tommy gave me the best b****** I have ever had in my life! We literally f***** and sucked all night like one big gay dream...but now I feel guilty.

I went back home to Beth and slept with her out of my own selfishness because I know she will leave me when she finds out that I poked around in her brother's a*** pore.

I'm scared because I have never thought of a gay act in my life, am scared to be gay, and I love Beth with all of my heart. I can't lose her but I think I have developed feelings for Tommy too.

What should I do? My parents will totally kill me if they knew I did this....but after a taste of his juicy rump I'm not sure I can stop.

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  • Threesome

  • How is Beth a pig in this story?

  • Beth isn't a pig. The idiot who posted that thinks he is being funny but hes now funny at all. The pigs are the boys in this story. They both cheated on Beth with each other. Go figure.

  • F*** Beth...shes a pig and her brother probably likes sucking d***!

  • Read the story
    That's the fun of it
    Tommy sucking d***

  • You are gay...better break up with are not doing her any favors by leading her on...honestly, Beth probably already senses that you are gay...she is just waiting for you to confirm it to her

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