I eat my own feces.

I have been secretly eating my feces for almost a year and a half.

I love the taste of s***. The smell turns my stomach but the taste and texture fulfill my cravings.

I know this isn't healthy and it's not like I eat a lot of s*** all of the time but I will eat small portions a few times a week.

I know this is a problem because I don't think it's gross but I try to hide it from my friends.

What can I do to stop this fetish?


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  • Well, you could clean your teeth more often, for a start.

  • So do i i love. It and other. Guys s***

  • Why would you ever want to????

  • Go to a f****** doctor or put it between your teeth and pull the f*cking trigger

  • You're a really kind human being, aren't you. ketchakaseofkovid

  • My family told me as a very young child that I would always eat p*** out of the toilet if it wasn't flushed. It made me feel sub-human being mocked by older siblings for doing something i didn't even remember doing. from time to time when life is bad especially if i caused the problem i would eat it feeling like i deserved to be that person who does that to themselves. the truth is i am a subhuman piece of s*** so eating it is just normal.

  • Huh? πŸ€”

  • Ever thought about you know, a good ole tablespoon of peanut butter instead? That’s f****d man.

  • Just tell a tell a doctor or nurse I know this is embracing but they are here to save you they don't care what you have done they here to save us tell them before it's to late

  • Cook the p*** to stop you get germs in your body you have to boil it for about 2 hours

  • You can't stop this fetish. It becomes additive. Since I stated it I can't wait to do it again. It's like having a scene with yourself and your s*** is your mistress.

  • I cant agree that how true this is, once done.. theres no going back and thats what happen to me, i just ate a big piece last night, i would take a glass p*** in it and s*** on the plate, lay down on the bathroom lights out with the big piece in my mouth and the p*** glass by the side for saltiness... mmmh its already turning me the f*** on, and also j*** my d*** as i eat it..

  • Hahaha hahaha ha

  • JoJo Siwaa

  • That is true. Once hooked you loose the smell and only have the desire to eat more. It begins to replace your normal meals. If you have to do it try it as a ham and cheese quesadillo with a s*** spread of your fecal matter warmed up in a microwave served like a pizza. It is great and taste good to. You won't even realize that you are eating p*** any more. Just collect if fresh , take a knife and spread it on your favorite tortilla and then put your favorite cheese on top of it, close it up put in microwave on high for about one and one half minutes, cut into smaller sized and whalla. It s*** sandwich fit for your favorite p*** eater! Also try it in a frying pan scrambled with eggs. That is also to die for but not literally. You my as well enjoy it right!

  • Your are right! Since I have started I can't wait to do it again. I even make a feast out of it with a real plate and fork. I p*** it out unto the plate and take it in piece by piece with the fork. It is so chewy and tasty. At first it was hard due to smell but I don't even smell it anymore. It taste like whatever I ate the day before. I have one big meal a day and the rest of the day I eat my p*** when it is ready to come out. It makes for a complete meal. I have not gotten sick and it is great on the food budget. It is very savory and very addictive. I don't know if I could stop if I wanted to now. I love it and can't wait till my next setting to dine and feast on me!

  • The best way to c** is the too put s*** in your mouth, but don't swallow. Get some really good femdom scat videos of men chewing and swallowing women's s***. With the taste in your mouth you relate to what their tasting and doing. Huge c** !

  • You good dude

  • I love to savor and suck on it! It's great!

  • I like it very much myself!

  • I don't want to eat my own s*** but I can't stop. Once a week I get a driving compulsion to eat it. After I c** the drive goes away until the next week.
    The taste is better than the smell.

  • Mine is every time I go!

  • Maybe with Tabasco Sauce or something.

  • It's great with chocolate sauce or chocolate ice cream as a dessert.

  • I know my co-worker eats his own s***, but I can't say as though it appeals to me. Good luck with that.

  • You cannot contract diseases from your own bodily systems. That is basic medicine. If you like p***, so be it in moderation of course. If you have a problem with the thought or imaging in your mind, stop thinking about it and move on to other thoughts like what's it like to spank yourself until you cry.

  • I always eat my dogs s***.

  • Y'all b****** are nasty go get a life

  • I have a life and eating my S*** is a big part of it.

  • Me too!

  • Oh gosh. Ok, back to the park. It was still there. I just stared at it. I looked around, and then touched it. Yeah, super nervous. I then licked my finger.. really interesting. I'm still thinking about it.

  • I was tempted recently, after seeing at the park on the grass.

  • Why stop if it feels good and taste good, my stool doesn't stink and it turns me on and it taste good I even put a plate under my ass and catch some of my stool and eat it. as long as its your own, it shouldn't cause any problems

  • That's what I do. It's great!

  • Get help!

  • I want to stop but I can't.

  • You got it right. I catch it in my hand and right away to my mouth. No big deal at all. A great snack.

  • What the f***???

  • I suck on it when it is hard enough to hold together otherwise I just eat it.

  • I like it too I have been sticking my finger in my butt after a bowel movement and sticking my finger in my mouth and it taste good. been doing it for 33 weeks.

  • Its okay your not the only one. Just add some cheese on it and it will be ok.

  • Quit now before you get violently ill, just a splash of sewer water has been known to make people really ill. People have been known to contract Hepatitis C, which is a rough form of Hepatitis, let alone any of the other strains, from the sewer.
    You could have parasites or any other infection and not know it until you get violently ill. Worse yet not know until it has done irreversible damage. Like Hepatitis C, where millions of baby boomers have it and are unaware.

  • Why would anyone pick up something from the sewer, eat your own s*** dont eats others one, i know it might sound more tempting to eat others one but dont, eat your own s*** its way better and you u also derive pleasure

  • If you are healthy it isn't a problem eating your own p*** as it comes from you and your body is alrady accustomed to you. You won't throw up unless you let your mind get in on it or spend to much time smelling it!

  • I was forced to eat a small portion when I was a child. I do remember the texture and I agree it was nice. I've been thinking about trying it lately but haven't worked up the nerve.

  • I like children

  • I suppose your one of the sicko's that believe children want it? Others believe they need it to help their self-esteem. That sounds like Hitler saying the Jews wanted the death camps. Wake up before its too late for you.

  • If it turns you on, go for it

  • - P*** away. If it tastes good, do it !

  • I eat mine too and sometimes it turns me off but I like the taste and love putting my finger in a scooping it out and eating so like me don't stop if you like as I love the taste of my own s***.

  • Your too sick to live with people on earth.

  • *quit

  • Lol okay i quick

  • Lying like a b****

  • You lying like a m***********

  • You lying

  • Wow

  • Anybody want sh****

  • That is ridiculous

  • Eat more candy

  • πŸ’©

  • Domt stop it, embrace it

  • I wish we all could meet and s*** on each others mouth, it would be so much fun!!! ahh its turning me on f***..

  • Yes!!!!!

  • Wtf!

  • 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

  • I got C-diff from licking the wife's ass hole. You want to know what sick is try some of that on. 9 monthes later I still have large bouts of nausea and I no longer can eat meat with serious problems.

  • Look people you need to step back. Your stomach is like a compost heap. Everything you eat gets mix up and turns in to compost. If you had a compost heap in your back yard would you eat it? No you will not so why would you eat what come out your body.

  • And that, kids, is why you don't do a***.

  • F*** your wife and her stinky ass hole

  • Eh, do whatever man. We are all going to die one day so it doesn't matter. You aren't hurting anybody else so it's legal in my book.

  • Yummy so long as its not affecting your health negatively and your not addicted enjoy

  • F****** kill yourself

  • You f****** weirdo get the f*** out here what the f***

  • Shut up you aren't helping

  • This is actually a fairly common disorder called PICA. Many people with autistic-like behaviours have PICA and a small percentage without autism can also suffer from PICA. PICA is a condition in which humans eat things that aren't meant to be eaten, such as poisonous mushrooms, laundry detergent, moth b****, and even their own fecal matter. If you do not have symptoms of autism, the best way to stop yourself from eating your feces is to attend therapy. Specifically, exposure therapy. I wish you luck and if anyone continues to tell you to commit suicide it is not something you should listen to. Everyone has problems and this one is fixable. Good luck.

  • If the dude is doing it for sexual gratification, then it is a fetish. If he just wants to eat it without it being an act sexual in nature then it is pica, schizophrenia or another mental disorder. I have met a couple people who ate their own s*** one was bat s*** crazy, one autistic and one without any known mental illness. The girl who played with s*** and she didn’t have a mental illness, used s*** play as a fetish. It’s an extremely disgusting fetish, but it’s not nearly as bad as pedophilia or b**********.

  • Unfortunately some f*** lewer into thinking that others want it too but since not everyone likes s******* in others mouth, they go for children, i eat my s*** but i would never even volunteer to take my mouth near another persons a******, i will eat my own bacteria not others..

  • Why is nobody spelling words?? Grow up! What is f--???

  • The site automatically blurps and partially spells certain words that it finds offensive but still allows the post.

  • It's a bad word for the kids like u

  • Sick ass f****, please kill your self because you are a disgrace to the world... holy f***.

  • Like I said I don't agree with none of this stuff that you have no right to tell someone to kill themselves that's like someone telling you to kill yourself if you don't like what these people are doing don't be on these sites Point Blank there's no if ands or buts about it

  • Shut up. You aren't helping by telling him this. Maybe you should kill yourself

  • Dude, hes trying to help himself out but you just hate on him for trying todo better... a******

  • You are the one that is the sick f***! Coward!!

  • I was just curious to see if people really do eat s*** LOL but some of your guys is comments are really crazy if you think it's gross which I totally do and I never will do it then don't make comments don't get on sites like this you shouldn't tell people to kill themself that's really f****** stupid and ignorant if you don't like what certain people do don't be on the same sites that they are get it got it be a nicer person I'm sure there is things that you do that people don't agree with and I'm sure you don't care so I believe these people don't care either

  • Listen, everyone has strange addictions. Stop being a d*** because yours is small. Stop telling people to kill themselves or I'll track you down and make your life miserable. And no ones a disgrace except people like you. So say something positive or shut the f*** up.

  • It's not an addiction and it isn't PICA. It is coprofagia, a sexual fetish. And, if you think it's disrupting your life, you should seek professional help. It is suggested you not post such things unless you are prepared to be insulted and berated. You obviously have no clue on how to do a google search so I recommend start there using search term, coprofagia or coprophilia.

  • Do not tell anyone to kill themselves! I bet you wouldn't have the guts to say it to their face. You hide behind a computer!!

  • Eating own healthy p*** ius One of the GREATEST Secret of the. Universe.It is a key to Eternal Life

  • Yummy...Sounds very tasty. I usually drop a heavy load of crap in a Tupperware container, refrigerate it overnight then flavor it with a bit of Merlot or Cabernet...Set your oven on 350 and bake 20-25 minutes. Just make sure you don't have Hot Sauce or Peppers the night before! Enjoy!

  • Your sick

  • I support whoeva said" Whoever called there dude who wrote their confession a "Dirty b****", is a dirty bitchy hoe fuckass, b******. U read this a******. If u felt disgusted then u shouldnt have pressed on this d*******. " You really need to chill and leave that dude alone d i c k h e a d

  • Whoever called there dude who wrote their confession a "Dirty b****", is a dirty bitchy hoe fuckass, b******. U read this a******. If u felt disgusted then u shouldnt have pressed on this d*******.

  • Dirty b******

  • I like my s*** watery and save it up in a bag, then poor it in the bath! The Kids love it, hours of fun! Try dipping your s*** in poison for a authentic experience. Even better rub it between your bum cheeks and warm it up and lick the steamy, warm fresh s*** and swallow that f*****! I rub s*** all on my walls, and then let it dry out and scrape it off and eat it! It's sensational, like a crunchy chocolate! At Christmas, I marinate my turkey in s*** and serve it to my family and friends. Everyone fights for that last piece, and they lick the plates clean! I have been eating s*** since I was 1. I'm a lot older and I still do it, once I stuck me hand up a raccoons a*** and shoved its s*** down me gob! Yum! Try tea with p***, oh god it's the best! If you really want to, go around town, steal your peers s*** and make a s*** cake! I had one for my 13t Birthday! The s*** icing won over all my fiends, begging for more!!! I eat s*** over 10 times a day, my teeth are black and my breath f****** smells, my wife left me for it. But who cares? I've enjoyed s*** all my life, and I'll shove those logs down my throat until I die! Long live s*** eaters!

    Jokes your f****** gross.

  • Dear God, get professional help!

  • You aren't welcome on earth, we need to alter your and others genes to eliminate your type. This will be done soon, as far as I'm concerned we need to hurry and rid earth of all the perverted beings.

  • Don't say stuff like that. It doesn't matter uf he is gross. Just be supportive or you get lost. Also if you do eat s*** then good on ya! I don't care and I don't think others do either.

  • Lmfaooo

  • I just died

  • Eat it till you die if you like.. s*** stew.. s*** dip.. I wrote a book.. 101 ways to enjoy s***. ..

  • How do I get a copy?

  • I guess when a person eats s*** the flavor stays in there mouth for some time.Instead of d*** breath its d*** breath.

  • Do you have a favorite t*** you like to eat?Or do they all test the same.What about the t*** with peanuts

  • I tried it with chocholate ice cream. It taste yummy. It is sweet and savory. Goes down easier with no smell! I do it at least once a day with no real side effect. I only eat my own.

  • Yummmmmmm cant get enuff of it..even my gf is addicted and we feed each other n use it in our meals as flavor enhancers....yummmmmmmm

  • It tastes different all the time yummy

  • Beautiful. I have been eating my own p** for years. The taste is amazing. When I have a runny p**, I like to strain it, warm it up and drink it like a coffee first thing in the morning. It's actually not that unhealthy as most people think. It's more the thought of what you are doing that stops you. In all, don't knock it until you try it

  • You are right! Never tried it as a drink as I only east the soft solid type that is like a long snake or sausage. Takes great,

  • I don't care what others think. I'very been doing urine therapy for 7 weeks and has helped meimmensely, I'd like to know what does a healthy diet doif I decided to intake my own p***. 1 reason savingcost on food and watching my weight, I'd appreciate it response if you choose to do so. If you still are doing this, Ty tc ttys jc

  • It does help as I am less hungry and my weight has stabilized. I eat my p*** when I go and one main meal half way into the day which keeps deit down and food cost low. I do though eat lots of fiber and vegetasbles to supplement my in take. Works great!

  • Helped you what, hate yourself and go to an early grave.

  • EVERYTHING is a thing people, EVERYTHING.

  • Hahaa that is good


  • Damn, I just look up some f***** up s*** to realize that there are people who really, really do that. You have a problem, because you eat your own p***? WHAT THE F***

  • Keep on doing what you are doing. I eat mine as well. I eat small amounts by itself, or add it to food I am preparing. It is really good in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Again for me just small amounts. I add urine to my coffee, or use it in place of water/milk when cooking oatmeal/grits/pancakes/waffles etc... Just remember that it is another persons p*** you must be concerned about, not yours. The other person may pass something on to you. So if you want to share with a friend make sure that you are both safe to share your p*** together.

  • Thank you for new recipeeeee ideas ….noodles in a cup cooked in urine is yummm just a bit saltier.....boil pee in pot as its like boiling milk and rises quickly.never boil pee in electric kettle omg what a mess I found out.

  • Ooh, speaking of urine. Lately, I've been using it instead of milk, with my cereal in the morning. Really beefs up the flavor a lot. As for my p*** it is all just a normal routine. And the wonderful flavor, too. It is exciting to see my pile, begging me to munch it up. Have a good day.

  • Oh, it looks so glorious in the bowl. I grasp it with my face and swallow it all.

  • Ok no judgement here. But you can get sick by eating your own excement. My husband was a doctor and he said that the bowels were self contained to avoid giving ourselves E. Coli and other nasty bugs. Also urine is not sterile. Drink p** and eat P**p at your own risk

  • Ive been heavily medictated for 6 yrs I was told about urine therapy and as I stated doing better I was told about consuming my own feces, does it help a natural diet is better than any other diet that is advertised. I'm very interested in your knowledge. Please inform me. I look forward to your response at jotcraik@outlook.com.

  • I started drinking my own urine 3 weeks ago. I'm losing weight and and feeling more energetic,if I can digest my feces will it help me with cardio and weight loss , please email me at jtcraik1@gmail.com. I thank you for your honesty, in Kind regards Jon.

  • Ooh, I can sympathize. I carry a small flask with me now. to collect my urine. An added pleasure to my solid chunks. Gosh, it is about the only thing I drink, now. How lovely.

  • Thanks for that testimonial. We should all feel motivated to follow in your footsteps.

  • It's possible that you could be deficient in something like iron or zinc, you should see a doctor to find out if this is the case. If you can, try and move to eating something else, such as ice, which won't make you ill.

  • .a.very.sick.f***.you.are........yoda

  • See a doctor, its a sign of mental illness

  • What can i do to stop this fetish?
    Very simple my friend. Just get a gun and blow your f****** brains out. Thats the most fitting, no, the only cure for the f****** disgusting pervert that you are.

  • Shake on anyone who encourages another person to commit suicide! Why would you care what anyone does? They produce their own and haven't asked you got anything.

  • You're an inconsiderate. There's many ways of self healing. Don't p*** on others success.

  • There's nothing wrong with eating your own especially if it turns you on. I've been doing it for 30 years and have never had a problem (other then getting too turned on!) ;)

  • Such a delight to hear. Just to touch mine is a thrill. I catch it in my hand as it drops. I lick it good and then shove into my mouth. It definitely builds my energy levels. The wonderful texture is glorious. And don't forget the tangy urine flow to wash it all down. I drink mine all the time, now.

  • Your right swollowing it is the best part

  • Yeah, it is all mine, and I am just fine. A real thrill of course. I routinely eat the wiper tissues, also. The whole idea is exciting. I slowly munch each chunk and celebrate, after swallowing. I look forward to the next meal.

  • Me to!

  • I love eating my s***. it taste so f****** good. i use french dressing or steak sauce and eat it with a spoon. when its done i s*** some more and eat again until i cant s*** no more.

  • Thank u again gotta try that...yummmm

  • Does it assist in your cardio

  • S*** is rich in vitamin b12 that's why monkeys eat their s***.You may be b12 deficient and that makes you crave your own s***.I recomend you to do a blood test if possible to check your vitamin b12 levels.

  • Ok I'm not sure how to spell that sound that projectile vomiting makes but...... I think you get the idea.

  • Once I had my finger in my girls butt and there was a chunk in there. Without even thinking I got the chunk out and down it went....yum yum yum

  • That wired

  • Wow, this is very exciting. I can tell stories about that, because I started making naughty and nasty things as I was a little girl. As I found this here, I was only thinking of one thing: To eat my p*** again. I have done that several times before, but this time I decided to tell other people about it. By doing that I am embarrassing myself extremely. And that makes me real h****. I love embarrassing myself. And I love when other people are embarrassing me. Today in the early I pressed out a p*** on my fingers and looked on it. I tell you, my face was burning like a fire. I saw my fingers coming slowly closer and closer to my mouth. I knew what was going to happen. I could feel something happen in my pus**. And then I had my p*** in my mouth. On my tongue. A big explosion happened in me. As I slowly swallowed my p***, it ended up with a very very big o***** without doing anything. It was sooooooo good. I am going to eat my p*** in the evening again. If I can wait until then, ha ha. I have bought a big sausage, and I will lick on it and make it wet. Then stick it in my, you know, I will move it in and out several times and then eat it. And by the way, I am drinking my pee too. I can't help it, I am very naughty and nasty. I always was. trussetisbeth@yahoo.de

  • Honey try cooking a cob of corn and let it cool down then allow generous amounts of butter melt all over it..use a dab of honey as lube and insert workin it in like a d**** keep penetratin deep. once u pull out half way or more is covered in p...…… DONT WASTE A GOOD FEED OF SWEET CORN.....I NEVER DO AND 33 HOURS LATER THE SAME CORN IS READY AGAIN FOR A SECOND HELPING.ENJOY

  • Your next on the list to have your genes altered by the government. Keep advertising it so your black op. visitors know where to go.

  • I want to eat your poo too+


  • Sounds hot!

  • I like it

  • You should get ahold of me

  • Hello

  • Ha ha, I just ate a 2 sausages with p***. Yummy yummy, and I got an o*****, It was like very big explosion. Mmmmmm, I love my p***. And a big glass of pee. It is real yellow, so it has a very strong taste of pee.
    And by the way, I want to get totally drunk this evening. I have 3 big bottles of white wine, I have gin and I have vodka, so it should be no problem. every time I am drunk I pee in my pants and in my bed several times.

  • I love you

  • S*** on me!

  • Dont stop it doesnt harm you its if youeat someone elses then it can become harmful but yeh dont feel ashamed to hide it, other people are most likely to not understand

  • Love eating my s****. Been eating it for 3 years with no problems.

  • I just ate my s*** with steak sauce. its deliciuos. it was watery and mushy. love that s***. yummy

  • Its ok i eat my grandpas s*** and it taste delightful

  • That's excellent. Keep it in the family.

  • You are in need of a Minnies Pie :) it's from a book that became a movie and its a pie made of s***. LOL

  • - Have you tried other peoples feces - I have -It tastes good - To me there is nothing more sexually arousing and erotic then seeing a puckering ass hole just be fore it delivers its brown delight in your waiting mouth on on your face

  • Me too couple times a week

  • Just STOP!!! it is GROSS and can kill you... trust me, i'm an intellectual badass (nerd) so i am clever and know that it can kill you...SO STOP EATING S***!!!! i am serious!!!!

  • I think this is excellent training for you to begin to desire and crave eating other peoples s***.

    When you get to that point please call me as i would very much enjoy taking a big steamy s*** on your eager face. How appropriate.

    You are on a delightful path.

  • That would be so tasty makes me hard

  • Mmmmm I'd love that

  • Well I think you may need to see a doctor of some sort if you cannot stop this fetish by yourself.

    You may be able to stop this fetish, every time you go to eat s*** imagine what you think is most disgusting and don't stop thinking about it until it puts you off your s***.

    That's all I can advise good luck.

  • I didn't even know what feces was, had to google that s*** up!
    That's gross..but funny...But really gross.
    I'm not sure if you're being serious or not. You lying?
    I think i'm going to be sick.

  • Yes. I do eat my own feces.

    I'm not lying.

    It's a problem.

  • All I can advise is...

    Have a ploppin' time!
    Don't forget to add some seasoning. I hear a few plucked pubic hairs add to the flavour. It works a treat.
    Also, a drizzle of your wizzle can give it a w***.

    But sure whatever man, whatever works best for you!

  • I'm sorry..I just..I still don't believe you.

    But hey, if you actually eat your own faeces think of all the people who will judge and make a joke out of it.
    You're sure to stop!

    Also, faeces contain salmonella and parasites like worms and amoeba that grow inside your body and make you sick or could possibly kill you.
    If that doesn't scare you, I seriously don't know what will!

  • You must be lying, you can't be serious...

  • You will not be able to stop...now, get that s***-eatin' grin off your face...seriously, you might die from E. coli poisoning...it's the deadly bacteria in your gut...so, that might be how to stop...or, you could have your ass sutured shut..that would work for a few hours, till you died...oh, try this, eat a handful of s*** in front of your family...it'll be hard to eat your s*** while strapped into a staight jacket...or, hey, this is brilliant...throw some s*** on some cops..they will help you stop eating permanently by beating your face to a pulp

  • If s*** is what you eat, what do you drink?

  • I used to have this same fetish until I started ramming my whole thumb up my p**** hole. THIS WORKS! Let me know!

  • I eat the whole p** its good. I have also drank urine
    I have done it for years and never been ill

  • I have been wearing diapers and eating my own messes for the past 4 years and I can't imagine not having poopoo everyday. It started off as a sexual fetish but now I crave it if I have gone a few hours without it and eat 100% of my poo. I eat one small meal a day and usually poo 3 or 4 times per day so I'm never hungry. I have lost a few pounds over this time but feel like I'm the healthiest I have been! Hooray for poo eaters!!

  • Congratulations on your success. I have never had any problems with my own. like eating a brown banana.

  • I've been doing ur for years not alot and my honey s to I love the different taste and the texture I've never gotten sick and I drink all the pee I can get

  • I just had a mouthful today gets me so gard

  • Just like I said to others of your type, keep talking about it so the black op. people can find you. Soon this will be breed out by altering genes, I cant wait. Cause you are too sick for earth life. Sorry, but please leave.

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