I eat my own feces.

I have been secretly eating my feces for almost a year and a half.

I love the taste of s***. The smell turns my stomach but the taste and texture fulfill my cravings.

I know this isn't healthy and it's not like I eat a lot of s*** all of the time but I will eat small portions a few times a week.

I know this is a problem because I don't think it's gross but I try to hide it from my friends.

What can I do to stop this fetish?

Jun 29, 2012

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  • I like to rim people and always hope there is some left behind.

  • Why stop if you enjoy it?

  • Yes just enjoy

  • Well, you could clean your teeth more often, for a start.

  • I always floss after

  • So do i i love. It and other. Guys s***

  • I so agree!!

  • Why would you ever want to????

  • The taste and texture is awesome!!

  • Go to a f****** doctor or put it between your teeth and pull the f*cking trigger

  • You're a really kind human being, aren't you. ketchakaseofkovid

  • My family told me as a very young child that I would always eat p*** out of the toilet if it wasn't flushed. It made me feel sub-human being mocked by older siblings for doing something i didn't even remember doing. from time to time when life is bad especially if i caused the problem i would eat it feeling like i deserved to be that person who does that to themselves. the truth is i am a subhuman piece of s*** so eating it is just normal.

  • Huh? 🤔

  • Ever thought about you know, a good ole tablespoon of peanut butter instead? That’s f****d man.

  • Just tell a tell a doctor or nurse I know this is embracing but they are here to save you they don't care what you have done they here to save us tell them before it's to late

  • Cook the p*** to stop you get germs in your body you have to boil it for about 2 hours

  • You can't stop this fetish. It becomes additive. Since I stated it I can't wait to do it again. It's like having a scene with yourself and your s*** is your mistress.

  • I cant agree that how true this is, once done.. theres no going back and thats what happen to me, i just ate a big piece last night, i would take a glass p*** in it and s*** on the plate, lay down on the bathroom lights out with the big piece in my mouth and the p*** glass by the side for saltiness... mmmh its already turning me the f*** on, and also j*** my d*** as i eat it..

  • Hahaha hahaha ha

  • JoJo Siwaa

  • That is true. Once hooked you loose the smell and only have the desire to eat more. It begins to replace your normal meals. If you have to do it try it as a ham and cheese quesadillo with a s*** spread of your fecal matter warmed up in a microwave served like a pizza. It is great and taste good to. You won't even realize that you are eating p*** any more. Just collect if fresh , take a knife and spread it on your favorite tortilla and then put your favorite cheese on top of it, close it up put in microwave on high for about one and one half minutes, cut into smaller sized and whalla. It s*** sandwich fit for your favorite p*** eater! Also try it in a frying pan scrambled with eggs. That is also to die for but not literally. You my as well enjoy it right!

  • Your are right! Since I have started I can't wait to do it again. I even make a feast out of it with a real plate and fork. I p*** it out unto the plate and take it in piece by piece with the fork. It is so chewy and tasty. At first it was hard due to smell but I don't even smell it anymore. It taste like whatever I ate the day before. I have one big meal a day and the rest of the day I eat my p*** when it is ready to come out. It makes for a complete meal. I have not gotten sick and it is great on the food budget. It is very savory and very addictive. I don't know if I could stop if I wanted to now. I love it and can't wait till my next setting to dine and feast on me!

  • The best way to c** is the too put s*** in your mouth, but don't swallow. Get some really good femdom scat videos of men chewing and swallowing women's s***. With the taste in your mouth you relate to what their tasting and doing. Huge c** !

  • You good dude

  • I love to savor and suck on it! It's great!

  • I like it very much myself!

  • I don't want to eat my own s*** but I can't stop. Once a week I get a driving compulsion to eat it. After I c** the drive goes away until the next week.
    The taste is better than the smell.

  • Mine is every time I go!

  • Maybe with Tabasco Sauce or something.

  • It's great with chocolate sauce or chocolate ice cream as a dessert.

  • I know my co-worker eats his own s***, but I can't say as though it appeals to me. Good luck with that.

  • You cannot contract diseases from your own bodily systems. That is basic medicine. If you like p***, so be it in moderation of course. If you have a problem with the thought or imaging in your mind, stop thinking about it and move on to other thoughts like what's it like to spank yourself until you cry.

  • I always eat my dogs s***.

  • Y'all b****** are nasty go get a life

  • I have a life and eating my S*** is a big part of it.

  • Me too!

  • Oh gosh. Ok, back to the park. It was still there. I just stared at it. I looked around, and then touched it. Yeah, super nervous. I then licked my finger.. really interesting. I'm still thinking about it.

  • I was tempted recently, after seeing at the park on the grass.

  • Why stop if it feels good and taste good, my stool doesn't stink and it turns me on and it taste good I even put a plate under my ass and catch some of my stool and eat it. as long as its your own, it shouldn't cause any problems

  • That's what I do. It's great!

  • Get help!

  • I want to stop but I can't.

  • You got it right. I catch it in my hand and right away to my mouth. No big deal at all. A great snack.

  • What the f***???

  • I suck on it when it is hard enough to hold together otherwise I just eat it.

  • I like it too I have been sticking my finger in my butt after a bowel movement and sticking my finger in my mouth and it taste good. been doing it for 33 weeks.

  • Its okay your not the only one. Just add some cheese on it and it will be ok.

  • Quit now before you get violently ill, just a splash of sewer water has been known to make people really ill. People have been known to contract Hepatitis C, which is a rough form of Hepatitis, let alone any of the other strains, from the sewer.
    You could have parasites or any other infection and not know it until you get violently ill. Worse yet not know until it has done irreversible damage. Like Hepatitis C, where millions of baby boomers have it and are unaware.

  • Why would anyone pick up something from the sewer, eat your own s*** dont eats others one, i know it might sound more tempting to eat others one but dont, eat your own s*** its way better and you u also derive pleasure

  • If you are healthy it isn't a problem eating your own p*** as it comes from you and your body is alrady accustomed to you. You won't throw up unless you let your mind get in on it or spend to much time smelling it!

  • I was forced to eat a small portion when I was a child. I do remember the texture and I agree it was nice. I've been thinking about trying it lately but haven't worked up the nerve.

  • If it turns you on, go for it

  • I eat mine too and sometimes it turns me off but I like the taste and love putting my finger in a scooping it out and eating so like me don't stop if you like as I love the taste of my own s***.

  • Your too sick to live with people on earth.

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