Pizza guy

I'm a married mother of two and go into the pizza place down the street from my house from time to time. Last year this young man from Italy started working at the shop, and he is gorgeous. We got to know each other and he began to flirt with me whenever I went there, even with my kids. One day he he puts his number on the inside of the pizza box and when I got home I immediately tore it up and through it away. A few hours later I retrieved it and gave him a call. He said to meet him in the neighborhood park. I meet him in the park and I we start talking and I get into the whole my husband treats me like s*** scenario. He said I should just leave. A week later I get my friend to watch my kid's and meet him in the park. We start talking in his car and suddenly we just start making out. I then start blowing his huge uncircumcised p****. Not too long but really thick. This goes on for about a month and I start getting these abrasions at the sides of my mouth because his d*** barley fits. My husband brings this to my attention and of course I lie to him. After about five encounters I called it quits and feel so horrible about it. Even though my husband gets under my skin from time to time he is still a great dad. I confessed to my therapist about this and she said it's a classic passive behavior act because I'm kind of afraid of my husband.


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  • [?] You have a[?]New SweetHeart[?]

  • I think you should invest time into your; grammar,punctuation and storytelling!

  • I think you should invest as much time as you can into getting your marriage fixed. Be bold!

  • you should get husband does not understand how to love you...and he NEVER WILL

  • You went out on a little adventure because things at home weren't all that terrific, and you discovered that things in the larger world were unpredictable and exciting and kinda wild, but then realized things weren't really all that awful at home, by comparison, so you went back there. That's not passive-aggressive, though: it's The Wizard of Oz.

    There really IS no place like home, Dorothy.

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