I am a 36 year old housewife and have been married 10 years but for the past year have been sleeping with my husbands dad.He is almost 60 but doesn't look it,he is a much better lover than my husband and does things to me that my husband never would,when he is inside of me he makes me feel a complete woman and I never fail to o*****.I know this is so wrong but cannot stop myself.



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  • Older men are more experienced, adventerous and often take more time. We are interested in the woman in our bed not in getting off.

    You should ask your father in law if he has a few friends in need. I find husbands get upset about men their own age, but if you are f****** a teenager or a much older guy (sell it as a Florence Nightingale serving c*** need), your husband is likely going to approve, especially if you let him know you want to stay with him.

  • My father in law wants my ass so bad he can f****** taste it. I've been tempted to feed it to him several times, but so far I haven't done it. I guess it's mostly because I've only been married for like 8 months and I actually do love my husband. Still I think about letting his dad inside A LOT. We flirt like mad, and we say nasty filthy things to each other (when nobodys around). When he asks me outright I've always said 'no'. But I don't said 'never'. And believe me, that perverted horndog understands the difference. He won't quit until he's**** it. But once he hits it, I doubt that I'll let him quit it, because I have the suspicion he's hung like a f****** horse, and I wanna ride. And not get down off that thing.

  • You s***! God sees you

  • I'm 61 and my 38 year old wife tells me the same thing, only
    I'm not sure I believed her until I read your confession.
    I needed that

  • Wow! That's really great! How long have you guys been married to each other? Were either of you (or both of you) with other people when you first started dating? Thanks!

  • every since i read these posts i have started looking at my father in law different. its weird but its also hot. wow!!!!

  • Any update

  • Yes, puhleeeeeze tell us more about your situation??

  • Plz tell how u do this?

  • sooooooooo hot!!!!!

  • yours may be the sexiest post thats ever been on here. thanks for sharing it with us.

  • In addition to being the sexiest, it may also be the most private and most beautiful. It's like a romance novel. I love the secrecy of it and how risky it is. It must be thrilling to have him in your life and in your bed and in your heart and between your legs. It's a wonderful arrangement. (And I like the idea, too, from one of the other posters that you should discuss the possibility of children with the father-in-law. WOW!!!!!!)

  • If some 60 year old fart can do that for you, congratulations to you both. Some people, male or female, are natural lovers and some aren't. Bet the old guy is having the time of his life.

  • sweet jesus! you girls are making me h**** for my father-in-law! i have had those thoughts and dreams and fantasies before but i tried to put them down cause i thought it was too weird but now your making me think i could have him! i have to go see him and my mother-in-law tonight and i am afraid now to go and afraid of what could happen!

  • The next time you go over to visit the FIL/MIL wear a loose fitting blouse or shirt and manage to lean over in front of FIL a couple of times. Wear a skirt and no panties and try and give him a flash or a couple. wear a short skirt and no panties when all of you go out and flash your p**** at him. Ask him to come over to the house to fix something like a clogged drain in the kitchen and wear as little as possible. he will come around a lot more often if you are wearing less. Let us know whats happening.

  • Lol..then what happened ?

  • :) I just like TOTALLY lost all my nerve. I decided I was going to wait for us to be in the room alone and then tell him about this post on the internet where a married woman was having this hot affair with her father-in-law behind the back of her husband, and I was sure he would pick up on my vibe, but then when all the others left the room i waited tooooooooo long and then he started talking about something else and before I could stop him and tell him about what I wanted (his d***) my husband came back in the room, and I couldn't make a way for me and my father-in-law to be just one on one.

  • Sorry to sound needy, but i think a lot of us want to her how this all starterd, who made the first move? what does your F-I-L do that your husband dont, describe the s** and maybe some of the stuff you guys have done to not get caught

  • I think we need some details cuz some of us really want to know how this started and i would like to know what exactly does he do that your husband dont

  • Same here........thanks!!!

  • i agree too.

  • u should secretly have a child by the father and let everybody believe your husband did it.

  • It's the feeling of being completed when he's buried deep inside your body that will keep you going back to him. And, if I may, it's the reason that you will wind up with the father, rather than his son. Good luck!

  • this is so hot. please tell us more about your relationship.

  • my f-i-l makes me wet. we flirt sometimes and every time we do that i get so hot between my legs that i just want to climb up on him even right in front of everybody. its almost something thats out of control for me. i mean nothings ever happened yet but sometimes i wish it would start and just keep going on.

  • I love what your doing and I have soooooooo many questions, but I'll just one for now. How did this start to happen? I mean, who came on to who for the first time?

  • i fantasize about my father-in-law but have never acted on it. congratulations on trying yours out. i envy you big time.

  • If you want him, and he wants you, and each of you satisfy the other's needs, then just relax and enjoy all the f******. And all the delicious cheating!

  • I agree with the first commenter: this is a damn hot situation and you really should not ever stop it! Nice job!!!

  • for what its worth.............i think its sexy as all h***. keep going!!!

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