Insecurities leading my life

My dad cheated a lot on my mom for a long time. I saw days/weeks/months/years of my mom crying and suffering.
And I saw what it did to my family.
want to know what i did? I cheated on my bf with 2 married guys.
and one of their wives found out.
I have cheated in all the relationships i have been in, and some multiple times.
I feel so insecure, even if my bf looks at another girl or brushes up against one my stomach cringes. so i feel like as a defense mechanism, i do stuff like this.
Will i ever stop? i just cheated with my bf, who wants to be with me forever. i broke up with him last week. and now i am falling for this new guy. what if i cheat again?
i think people like me should just stay single? i have been with 7 guys in whats going to be 3 years now. best part is, i was in a relationship for 2.5 years. so pretty much all this was done when i was in a relationship. gosh, i am so messed up

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  • I have an alternitive for you...
    Grow the f*** up & take responsibility for your actions..

    "gosh, i am so messed up"

    No you're not, you are just selfish. You're not confessing, you're bragging..

  • This must actually be hard for you because when you’re young your parents are like role models. We often decide what we want and don’t want in our future relationships through observing our parents. But to grow up in an environment where you have only seen a continuous pattern of behaviour (your father always cheating on your mother and your mother getting hurt) you think this is how you/your partner should be treated as this is the only behaviour you’ve really learned. You didn’t want to be the one constantly getting hurt, so you chose to be the cheater.
    I don’t believe this is a genetic thing. You’re like your father, but you’re only like him because you chose to be like him through following this behaviour. Although you have witnessed this kind of behaviour between your mother and father, your father is not to blame for YOUR mistakes. You did have a choice, but you chose to follow in his footsteps. Now that you’re used to this behaviour pattern you have lack of self control and commitment issues no wonder you’re feeling messed up. But you still have choice. You can still stop this kind of behaviour. But only you can stop doing this. No one can do it for you.
    Do you want to continue cheating on your partners, or do you genuinely want to change? If you do want to change, it’s not going to happen over night. It’s a slow process.
    I suggest you seek advice from someone like a counsellor or therapist and they will guide you to see past this. But only you can have the control and strength to stop it for have to be willing to change and stick by it.

  • You are one f*****-up b****...but, I'll bet you are fun to party suggestion...get a sugar-daddy...find some older rich guy to buy you an apartment, a nice car, and give you a $7000 a month...of course, you will be his s** a good listener...never complain...try it for one year...don't get will only ruin some poor guy's life.

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