I think i'm nasty

You will probably think that I'm way too nasty to be a girl but the truth is that i love to watch p***.i watch it as if it where cartoons or something.i just stay in my room with my lap top go on the bed search some p*** and begin to m********* myself.Sometimes i feel dirty but then again i like it it makes me feel pleasure and i don't but i think I'm still a virgin because i still haven't got a d*** on my ass or in my v***** actually i haven't been touched by a boy well just on the outside but not gone that far like to have s** or sleep with anyone.I'm 15 years old. Do you think I'm nasty?

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  • Yepp uses nasty girl!

  • I think you need more balance in your life. S** is great, but you have to do it right or it will backfire. If you are sitting around masturbating all the time, maybe you could cut it down just a bit and spend time doing other things you find enjoyable?

  • Dats not nasty i watch nasty stuf too.cartoons are the best

  • It's all good girl, you're not to nasty for a 15 year old you're just right! so you shouldn't feel dirty cause you like to play with your kitty, mastubation is natural and normal it helps to quench your sexual tension, so don't worry about it just enjoy yourself and your still a virgin if you haven't had sexual intercourse and your kitty hasn't been penetrated by a dwags bone...

  • this could have been more delicately expressed but the point is correct. youre not nasty. youre just fine.

  • No, you're not nasty. You're normal.

  • I think, THATS HOT. Keep doing so.

  • thanks and i will keep doing it

  • Lmao nothings more hot than a girl that knows what she wants XD

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