Skinny thing

Hi everyone
i am the topper of my class
i am the best sportsperson in the class
i can't sing that well but i can write lyrics beautifully
i am respected by everyone in our society
i have a PSP,PSP Go,apple Ipod,ps2,cool pc,2 laptops,40"tv(i ain't showing off!!)
i am the most friendly in my class
i am even the most popular in my class coz' i am handsome
i have a girlfriend who is the best girl in the school

I have everything a teen would crave for but...


that disturbs me a lot
anyway i m having a good going :)

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  • You forgot best at being obnoxious

  • Go f*** yourself.

  • Everyone needs to have their set of woes. you up there or down here you got to have reasons to be unhappy, thats life

  • Sounds like your parents indulge you too much. Want to gain weight? Since you are the "topper" in your class, you should be able to figure that out. F****** eat.

  • skinny? That's your problem...join a gym and take anabolic will balloon up fast

  • Haha, clearly you are boasting mister!
    Gotta love the good life hey.
    Well you may be skinny...
    But you are still young, you will probs gain weight as you develop

  • Have a cheeseburger or 2 idiot....

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