I am a lesbion.

Me and my bff are lesbeions. We use to be very close but we got splitted up for about 3 yrs. Now we are bwck to gether. Now let me tell you how i found out SHE was 1. It all started when me and her got back together about 2 day after we met again we were walking down the sidewalk and she stoped and said "i am a lesbion." And step away from her in shock and she said "no i only kissed a girl once" me still in shock i seid if we can go in side and she agreed so we went inside up to her room and said lets try so she said one kiss on the mouth and is said no how about if we get caught she said ok on the cheek just to get it over with before i could say anything she said if we were saying bye so we did that a few times then onthe mouth then we went in her closet then she pulled up my shert and started sucking my b**** i wiped her off and screemd softly whwt are you doing she told me what then i let her then she said do you finger yourself i said no then she went down my pants and panties and started to finger me it feelt good then she told me to do it to her so i did then we stoped then she told me to pull down my pants and panties and i did then she started sucking my p**** it felt so good then i did it back to her. Ever since then we are both lesbions. Guys thanx for reading tell me about your lesbion storys or gay stories plzz!!!

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  • Good Lord. What are you 11 ? Your spelling is atrocious. First off its Lesbian not lesbion. If your going to claim to be gay at least learn the term that describes you. I don't think your a lesbian though. Bisexual maybe. You obviously dont know enough about yourself or anything really to know your orientation. It sounds like it was your first sexual act, but to say you had never fingered yourself? Please. Most girls start around 10 or so. So either your a naive child who shouldn't be engaging in sexual acts, or your a Lier. My guess would be your a 40 something man who's life is so pathetic that you try to get a rise out of people, by making up ridiculous stories.

  • This just cracks me up. You start out correcting the op's spelling and then you incorrectly spell "liar" and you use "your" instead of the "you're." It is a contraction of "you are." Don't correct others if you are too much of a dumb ass to get it correct yourself.

  • i am also a lesbian. me and my friend were in my basement she told me she was a l**** and then she leaned towards me. she started biting my lip and i was getting wet. i stuck my hand in her pants and then i got up and turned the lights off. she laid on her back and i got on top of her and started humping. she sucked my nipples and we were both naked furociously humping each other. finally, she pushed me into the closet and 69ed me it felt soooo good! now every time i c her, we just take our clothes off and eat each others p******

  • Umm, what's a lesbion? Is that like a lesbian?



  • You guys are just hating on her because she can actually get inside a girls pants. I know being gay/lesbian/bisexual is wrong and it's in the bible but you can't hold back your feelings for the same s**. Even if it's love or it's just a booty call,

  • thank you and having feelings for the same s** is not wrong... but thank you!

  • nobody cares b****

  • I agree....nobody cares about some b**** eating some hair taco...

  • Kiss my t***, dickface!

  • Can I ( o)__( o)

  • No, you perv. You'd like it too much. Kiss my ass instead!

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