I secretley documented my best friend's time theft

My friend always thanks me for having her back. Little does she know that I once stabbed it while we were working for the same company.

You see she liked to talk long breaks and managment was starting to become aware of it. Apparently they were tipped off by another employee that was also supposedly a good friend of my friend.

One day I had to cover my friend's break and she was gone for 45 minutes. I was p***** with her at the time over something and was so frustrated that I was tied up covering her station for so long. I had my own work to do you know. So I wrote down when she left and when she came back.

Sure enough a manager that I was kissing up to at the time asked me what time my friend went to break and what time she came back. I told the manager the truth. The manager then asked me if I was willing to write a statement about the super long break. I whipped out my note I had pocketed. She smiled big at the already written statement and turned it in to our loss prevention personel.

My friend was never confronted about that break (to protect my privacy as a witness I guess). Instead they watched her closely and later fired for something else.

I once had someone tell me that they heard the company thought my friend was stealing but this person could not understand why the company would think that.

I know why. Time theft. That was the motivation to getting my friend out of there. Apparently some of the managers involved gossiped a little and the theft rumors hit the grapevine.

My friend has no idea that I helped build the secret time theft case againts her. Yeah I feel bad but yet I do think that she should have been a better employee. Oh well life goes on and she's doing fine now.

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