I guess I'm not the only one who likes this.I would like someone man or woman to sit on my soft plump belly just like you would sit down on a chair.once yoyr comfortable with all your weight I would like you to bounce periodically then sit a bit grinding your butt side to side to and fro bounce sit omg I'm c******.

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  • I get tired of these belly posts

  • There are several repeat offenders around here, each with their own special little obsession. Bellytard and its copycats are one of them.

    I wonder what sort of mental or physical failing makes people post constantly about the same exact thing for months or years? Seriously, how many chromosomes are they missing?

  • Sigh

  • This belly guy had a few creative posts. Ones like this are too transparent.

    C'mon dude. Entertain me!

  • I have a similar fetish, although mine involves you lying on a bed of nails while I bounce up and down on top of your belly.

  • ^I would pay to see this :D

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