My bestfriends Brother

I'm really attracted to my bestfriends brother. He's 19 & Im 18. I have a boyfriend whom i love very much we've been through alot together and i would never cheat on him.
I dont "fancy" or "like" my besties my brother in that way at all but am extremely sexually attracted to him.
Before i met my boyfriend, my bestfriend told me that her brother really liked me and even gave me permission to date him, which i didn't because i didnt want endanger my friendship with the girl.
Since i met my boyfriend i havent spent any time alone with her brother but cant help but exchange cheeky smiles with him.
Im moving in with my bestfriend and her family soon for a couple of weeks because of family troubles. So all this needs to stop. I try to ignore him when i go round but dont want to seem rude infront her family because they've done so much for me, how can i dissolve my urge for him??

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  • Just f*** him. You might like him better than the other guy.

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