How can i move on??

I need help.
My boyfriend and myself have been together for a couple of months and he's really pressuring me to open up and share my secrets because i'm very closed up and dont tell him anything. I really do want to tell him i feel it will make us closer.
Im only 18 years old but have had to mature progessively.
When i was younger between 6-11 years old my mothers husband used to sexually, mentally and physically abuse me. Thankfully they are no longer together.

Im finding it hard letting my boyfriend know this because i cant bring myself to talk about it.
I would write him a letter explaining all this but he's extremely dislexic and id have to read it to him to pronounce certain words and explain what they mean.
For these reasons im asking for any advise the general public can give me on not only moving on from my past but being able to reach out and share my pain with the one i love.

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