Queeeeeeer @ work

I am sick of being made to feel ashamed of my sexuality from people who should know better.

21 year old male who works with a rather disproportionate amount of females. I have one specific coworker who loves to tell me how "gay" I don't act. Granted she is not the first person to p*** me off with this, but I still don't really know how to react.
These are the phrases she likes to use "Omg you're the straightest gay guy I know" or "You aren't like those other gay guys blah blah blah"
And I understand she's coming from a positive place with these comments, but they're still pretty annoying to hear. I shouldn't have to f****** be your stereotype of a homosexual male, it's 2016 for f***'s sake.

Jan 5, 2016


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  • God, you LBGT+++ types can't exist without having something sexually oriented to whine about, are you? You're either not accepted or you're accepted but not in a way YOU want or something or another. Get over your inconsequential fairy self and do your f****** job. Find another way to identify besides what you like to do with your junk. We do not care. Jesus!

  • How is she coming from a positive place? Sounds like she is taking a p*** out of you and know you won'the say anything. Tell her she is the most lesbian straight woman in the place.

  • F*** her in the c*** and ask her how straight was that. Ans then tell her your still prefer guys.

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