I'm joining the FFL

I hate my life in NYC. I'm 19 and my mom has p***** me off. I'm flying to France in the morning to join the French Foreign Legion. My family thinks I'm going hiking with some friends. I don't ever plan on coming back to the US. I want a new life and a new identity. I'm registering under the name of my best friend who died when we were in the 8th grade. Matt, I miss you! F*** the world! Mark me gone for good.

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  • FFL is such an overrated unit. Anyway, have fun cleaning the barracks floors.

  • I'm a former Legionnaire....I dare you to say that to me face!

  • Me too. The Legion is better than anything the US has come up with. Incidentally, does US mean USELESS as in "It's US."?

  • That is treason...

  • 'Tis not.

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